Venus Trines Neptune

October 6, 2006 at 12:00 pm

In astrology, a trine is an astrological aspect that’s formed when a planet or other celestial body is 120 degrees away from another planet. Trines are considered to be highly beneficial aspects, infusing harmony and fortune into our lives. It puts us in a mood of high expectation. Now considering Venus is the planet of love and beauty and Neptune is the planet of escape and daydreams, when Venus trines Neptune, we find a fusion of affinitive qualities and characteristics. In other words, we’ve got a lovey dovey dreamy period on our hands, in this case, from October 5th to the 13th!

Here are three ways to make the most of it!!

Be Open to Love
Put Neptune and Venus in the same sky and you’ll likely want to search for a spiritual partner. Hence this is a glorious time to get swept off your feet by your soulmate, says Lynda Forbes, psychic astrologer and author of Tarot of Recovery. However, when it comes to Neptune, you need to have a sense of clarity. So ask yourself, “exactly what kind of love do I want to create?” The clearer you are, the better your chances are. Especially when you consider that humans also have a tendency to be less judgmental towards others and themselves during this time. “So if you do meet someone during the trine, you should wait it out to make sure that you haven’t fabricated a false reality,” adds Forbes.

Tap into your Creativity
During this trine you’re inspired and your creative juices flow naturally, explains psychic astrologer Ray Sette, author of The Planets Align So Rare. So go full force and dive into your creativity, whether it be painting, jewelry making, singing or writing. To top it off, Neptune is in the sign of Aquarius, making you especially imaginative.

“One thing to keep in mind is that you might have the urge to veg out simply because things are flowing so easily. In order to not let the creative urge pass you by, you need to kick yourself in the butt and make things happen,” says Forbes.

With that in mind Sette also adds that it’s easy to indulge during this period, so stay away from drugs or alcohol lest you want to make escaping even easier.

Bolster your Spirituality
A more sophisticated and sensitive awareness will be available to those who attune to this energy, bringing more meaning and purpose to our daily lives. Therefore, Venus trining Neptune is an opportune time to dust off your spiritual practice or embark on one altogether. After all, a trine also makes you more responsive to the more subtle dimensions of life such as intuition and self-awareness. (By the way, this period marks a good time to get a reading).

Think outside the box when it comes to strengthening your spirituality, suggests Forbes. One friend of hers, for instance, decided to try a different church to go to each Sunday for the next month. Be creative with it and allow Venus trine Neptune to soften your perceptions.

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