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September 14, 2010 at 4:55 am

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Aries: You’re bound to be feeling a little opinionated, and you’ll really want to open your mouth and speak your mind at the moment. But you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with a few communication difficulties lately. So just realize that most people won’t be terribly interested in hearing what you think today.

Taurus: You may not be feeling particularly generous at the moment. And if your children or loved ones want you to spend a little something on them today, someone could end up a little disappointed. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling somewhat jealous where your loved ones are concerned. And if you’re not careful, your possessiveness could end up leading to a few conflicts today.

Gemini: You’re bound to have to deal with a few difficulties involving some family members today. No matter how much you’d like to pay attention to your own priorities, other people will have plenty of other expectations of you. And you won’t be able to do everything just the way you’d like today.

Cancer: You’ll be having to deal with a wide variety of duties and obligations on the job front today. And there are bound to be a lot of things going on that will be keeping you extremely busy. Certain people or events will leave you feeling pretty stressed out. And you’ll really feel like letting people know exactly what you’re thinking by the end of the day.

Leo: Try to remember to be practical and avoid any kind of risk-taking where your finances are concerned. You’ll feel like having a little fun and will really want to follow your whims today. Just remember that if you’re not careful, it may end up costing you more than you expect.

Virgo: If your private life demands your attention today, you’ll feel like it’s distracting you from other things that you’d really like to be focusing on. And this could end up leading to a few conflicts for you. Just realize that you won’t really have the energy to do all the things you’d like anyway, so you might as well just deal with things the best you can.

Libra: Any difficult issues you had to deal with yesterday are still likely to be around today, particularly if you’ve been having any type of communication problems lately. But if you feel like doing a lot of talking, just realize that this could be your undoing and end up leading to a number of disagreements today.

Scorpio: You won’t really be in the mood to do much sharing today. So if anybody wants to borrow some money from you, you’ll consider it a bit of a nuisance. And if you’re expected to give something to some sort of group or organization today, you just won’t be all that eager to pitch in at the moment.

Sagittarius: Try not to spend too much time dwelling on any difficulties you’ve been having with your career lately. Things ought to start improving before long. You’ll really feel like pursuing your own agenda today, but there should be quite a few obligations that will be weighing down on you and occupying most of your time right now.

Capricorn: You’ll be primarily focused on your work and any other responsibilities you have today. Even if you’d really like to be out having some fun, there are bound to be plenty of other things that will end up requiring your attention. Just watch what comes out of your mouth and try not to do too much complaining if you can help it.

Aquarius: If you want to spend money a little more freely than usual today, you and your partner won’t exactly be on the same page. And this could lead to a few disagreements between the two of you. You may even end up getting into some disputes with a few of your friends over money as well.

Pisces: You’ll be primarily focused on sorting out a few issues in your personal life today. Just be careful how you handle things because you may not be relating to your partner all that well. And you’re bound to be a little distracted by a few other issues you’ve got to deal with at this time as well.

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    Will my soul mate get out of jail

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    Hoody hoo

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