Date and Love an Aries

March 22, 2012 at 12:00 am

Learning to date and love an Aries can be easy if you’re attracted to their spontaneous and energetic behavior. Aries love to be in love!

Be Ready for Anything

If you want to love and date an Aries, you are obviously drawn to their magnetic, bubbly style and their unpredictable, spontaneous behavior. As the first sign of the zodiac, they love that feeling of things being new and exciting, especially when it comes to romance.

To be an Aries is to dive headlong into love. Romance is fast and furious and even more exciting when it’s fraught with a slight bit of friction, just to keep it spicy. They prefer to be pursued, although they’ve got the ability to be the pursuer and win their conquest, they don’t feel the need to. That confidence is very attractive to some signs, especially to another Aries. Want to learn more about your Aries lover? Talk with Psychic Joyce ext. 9598 who can also provide astrological insights.

Dating an Aries

To date an Aries is to love the rush of unpredictability. They love being out and about and being seen; especially being with someone who has won their admiration, who treats them as the special person they are. Remember to keep it fresh, like every date is the first date. That is the magic that Aries thrives on in dating, and doing so will quickly warm them to your attentions. Despite being a motivating force of nature, they are also quite sentimental when it comes to love, and they are extremely romantic.

Love an Aries

Aries need a certain amount of freedom, but that’s not to be mistaken for not wanting to be with you. They can become annoyed if you give them too much freedom and if you fill your time with other pursuits just a little too often. This stems not from being worried about being replaced by a person or a hobby, but because they always want to be reminded that they are number one in your life. Give them that, and they will give you the same in return. Cheat on an Aries, or take away from their status as number one, and you can expect the same, intensified. They are perfectly content to share their lives with that special someone as long as that someone realizes they also need space, but not too much alone time. It’s a fine line to walk, but if you care enough about them, you’ll figure it out. It’s easy to love an Aries; they aren’t difficult to get along with, and they just won’t settle for anyone not willing to provide them with both the excitement of new love and the security of old love, coupled with the freedom to be their own person.

Love making is deep, emotional and primal. Aries are extremely passionate and don’t mind being on top, but they are also romantic and, hopefully, so are you. They love being out under the stars wrapped in your arms, reminiscing about all the memorable moments you’ve shared both in and out of bed. Create moments with them that leave this lasting impression, and enjoy reliving them again and again in new and fantastic ways. To love and date an Aries is to love the excitement of life itself.

“Explore your definition of sexy. Be sexy! Push out those thoughts of flaws and think irresistible.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

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  1. Som January 2, 2016 at 9:26 am

    I am aries the first
    we teach the art of love making
    dont sabotage our reputation.
    every bird loves fish
    why to blame kingfisher alone

  2. Shayn October 18, 2015 at 10:26 am

    This is all making me feel like I made the right decision. I’m a Leo woman who rekindled a relationship with an Aries partner, but left him when I suspected infidelity. The things that I’m reading are just ridiculous. “Always keep it like the first date”? “Always be exciting”? What are they, toddlers? I’m sorry not sorry, but I’m a mother and I work and I run a house. I understand making a lover feel appreciated, that’s fine, but it’s not enough pay-off to jump through hoops entertaining such easily bored, needy people. I’ll be better off dating adults who won’t lose interest because I’m in pajamas when they come over. I mean, maybe you can keep “every date like the first” for 3 or 4 months, but you’ll never meet a married Aries who can say that nothing ever got old between them and their partner. Though I’m starting to wonder if you’ll ever meet a married Aries period.

  3. Carol October 30, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    After reading the posts about Aries men, I’m so feeling what I just went through. Was dating an Aries man for about 2 months (I’m a Capricorn so I should have known going in this was going to be a challenge and probably wasn’t going to go anywhere). He was very attractive and when he turned on the charm–OH MY. Thank God I didn’t sleep with him.

    I dumped as one date he would be all over me and the next date (which could be the next day) he would act as if he could care less if he saw me or not. I figured he was losing interest so I told him I would leave him alone as I felt I was a bother to him. His response was he had not idea I felt that way, he offered an apologize and thanked me for being honest.

    A couple of my girlfriends seems to think in a couple of weeks he’ll try to contact me, however; I want nothing to do with him. My worry is will he now think the “chase” is back on.

  4. AriesLoveRed October 28, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    Aries female with Pisces moon. I attract every man I want to and more so, it seems too easy, and they might play hard to get with me but it never works, I am much better at it. I don’t care much for the win, but the chase is the best part. My first love and first “time” was with a taruas man. I ended up breaking it off because I felt we didn’t match morals but he says he thinks about me everyday and I haven’t seen him in six years. Gemini men always break my heart, but always still strive for my attention. Libra guys love me, but never keep my interest long enough to stick in my mind, they always let me go anyway but still want me around. Sagittatuis always teasing me. I had one tell me they would have dropped any girl to be with me. Virgo guys can’t get enough, they seem to adore me. Capricorn men strive for my attention they make me laugh, one man kept being persistent and asking me out or kept asking for a kiss but I kept turning him down, we ended up being good friends and came to me about this girlfriend problems. I haven’t really known to many aquarisis men, one was just really friendly. I had a Pisces ex that said I was his first girlfriend and that I broke his heart we still talk and used to grab a beer together. I was crushing hard on one Pisces guy in high school but never got the courage to ask him out, a year or so after high school saw him at a party and he talked to my best friend and wanted to know if I was single, but an Aries guy who I also had a crush on in high school was already making his move. I make Leo men nervous but they don’t waist time pursing me, had dated two Leo man and broke it off because it moved to fast for me and they were a bit stalkerish after that, another Leo guy pursued me when I was already in a relationship. Scorpio men come on very strong and will not take no for an answer but they move to fast but have the right moves, and I so enjoy the conversations, they know what to say but have too many other sexual interests. I married a cancer, yikes what a challenge. They are very sexual and sensitive, I tell him he needs to let me go, but says never. Lastly my best friend and soulmate is another Aries, he has my heart but I chose not to be with him because I didn’t want to be a won conquest and he went through fire and water to try and win me over but I wanted to be the one he can’t have because its too easy for him like it is for me.

  5. Eva August 29, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    I met my aries man in the spring of 2013. But like all good Scorpio women, I do lots of investigating am slow to intimacy but fiery once my concerns have been addressed; am somewhat controlling but willing to give space. Because of distance (he’s in London England and I’m in Miami Florida) it’s very challenging. We’re still connected even though we have agreed to be friends at this point. My intuition tells me he’s worth it; that we will eventually become more; that we are headed towards that giant step, dividing friends from lovers while connecting as both friends and lovers. We are both romantic but I am more practical and much less trusting at this point. Still, I feel us drawing nearer… and I enjoy the feeling!

  6. araanza July 7, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Hi there, I’m a Leo woman dating an Aries men for almost two years, I am amazed how what is being said about Aries guys is soooo true, at the beginning of the relationship they make u feel like you’re in heaven, and in our ” 100% ” romantic hearts, cause as you know “LEOS are ruled by the heart, so love and romance in our blood!! And certainly is true we’re,in heaven,cause for some reason that’s how an Aries men gonna make u feel, they’re are very, very, charming, charismatic, sexier, flirty,very confident, passionate, and they are experts on.making you feel like you found your soulmate,but be careful, they’re lovely guys That know exactly how to get what they want, and the way they want it, like a child knows how to get attention when they cry!! Aries are definitive, a great lovers, with a big heart, but they can be VERY ,mean, CRUEL,aggressive, impulsive, intolerance, impatient, childish,manipulative, and unfaithful,person that I never met before, this Aries come into my life to challenge me, to turn my life up side down, this men confuses me like no one before, from one saturday night, planning a great night for us, having a great dinner, where he knows my favorite drink,what is my dish that I like, my appetizer, and going to different places to have fun, and end up the night with a beautiful making love! To jump to a reality next day, when he completely change, and you’re not his queen from last night, he is distant, quiet,and cold, with his mind in different place, and when you even feel like you’re bothering with your presence!! That hurts, and probably for a Leo woman hurts as hell, after all we can have any men making us feel so loved!! I never in my life felt so challenged, I’m getting tired trying to figure it out this, sexy, lovely, fiery, passionate Aries, am I wrong Aries guys???

  7. Nainital May 7, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Thats so true… Being an Aries woman, I can surely say, we cheat ONLY if we ever get a tiniest hint that our partner isnt into us 100%. Yes! I have cheated, lied and still doing so. I am in a relationship i dont feel guilty at all… becoz we hold grudges. I loved my partner dearly. I wasnt even thinking of anyother man let alone looking at other men, but when i got to know he doesnt love me as much as i love him, i wanted to break up,but he threatened me with dire consequence so i stuck on. So whats the dire consequence to him? I am cheating on him royally. He deserves it. Aries is super nice sign but once we get pissed we are worse than evil.

  8. Jenny April 20, 2014 at 11:45 am

    I dated an Aries for three years and I have never loved anyone so much and also been treated so cruelly. I the beginning I was swept away by his energy, enthusiasm, good manners and caring manner towards me. But that was only one side of his character. It took me a long time to reconcile the two sides of his personality and I kept going back for more, yearning for the man I had fallen in love with. His other side was cruel, uncaring, and he was unable to be open and honest about anything. He told me that he had done counselling for the Samaritans which I now find impossible to believe. He had no understanding and little interest in anyone’s problems except his own and I believe now this “fantasy” of counselling is to hook women in.
    He was unable to discuss anyproblems which arose in the relationship without going on the defensive and rejecting me and storming off. Over and over, I used to apologise for my behaviour, thinking it was all my fault. Now that I am away from him – six months – I see how he manipulated me and I realise that I was emotionally abused. Perhaps not all Aries men are as bad, but I have never had such an unstable and insecure relationship with any other man. This guy is in his sixties and I imagine he is going to be a lonely old man – still looking for fun and intrigue – not wanting to take responsibility for any of his actions. He is hopeless with his finances and is still fantasising about businesses he has, which are non-existent- just websites. I have had a lucky escape, but still miss the good side of him, which is making it hard for me to meet anyone else. The up side of him is really hard to find again, but the downside – I never want to go there again.

  9. AJ February 5, 2014 at 6:44 am

    I am aquarius woman seeing an aries man for 2 months now..he is very passionate and sweet..I am taking my time about the bedroom and he says he’s fine with waiting but mentions it all the time..I think it’s hilarious..our connection is strong, I can’t get enough of him, he stimulates my mind and keeps me laughing..I can tell he’s flirtatious but I think when he’s serious about a special someone he can be faithful..being an aquarius and loving people I can relate..I also can respect the needing space situation..funny I have never dated an aries and wondering why..he is floating my boat, feel myself falling for this guy..I am very excited to see where this new adventure takes us..

  10. Shirren December 5, 2013 at 6:16 am

    nd if it is me when? I hope soon. Please Let it be Me, Thanx

  11. Aries 12 December 3, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    I’m a Aries woman my birthday 4/12 I dated a male Aries and its like looking in the mirror Aries love there space very flirtasios and Adventurous We Gotta SEX drive out of this world but all around heart of GOLD

  12. Aries&proud October 31, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    I look at all these people saying Aries are cheaters and bad people, i am sure that no matter what sign it is you will have cheaters. i am an aries woman, and very happy being one. We are strong, we are caring, we are firey, independent, and have HUGE hearts. I KNOW being an aries woman that I cant date certain signs or people who will bore me or let me run over them. When you date an aries and you make them feel as if they arent your #1, or you cant keep them interested and feeling good about the relationship, they will move on. If you lie or cheat on us we will get revenge, and it will be 10 times worse. If you arent a strong person and you cant stand up to us, or you cant make us feel special, or keep things interesting, then you shouldnt date an aries. If you can do those things, then we will be the most loyal, loving, devoted, and fun relationship you may ever have. Dating an aries is not for the weak :)

  13. Kiyana411 October 5, 2013 at 7:26 am

    It’s so funny some of the things that I’m reading. I’m a true Aries in every sense of the word and I’m proud to say it and be one. I don’t think most of the people here have given us Aries a fair shot. We are wonderful people, fun to be around and sure we love to be seen and we like our space. Yes we can be moody but we will love you forever if you end up to be that special someone. We will always share our love with those who are true friends. All we ask is that you treat us right and be fair because we will do the same for you until the end of time, unless you show us differently. Don’t hurt us just love us. We are not all liars and cheats. We are human and remember most humans tell a lie and cheat don’t pin these characteristics on the Aries zodiac. We are mature and we can compromise. Do we like to do it, no not always. But isn’t that most people. Yes, we want what we want when we want it;but don’t most people?
    I’m an Aries woman and I’m with an Aquarius man who is my soulmate. When it comes to a relationship it takes two in order for things to work. You have to have balance and be able to compromise. My husband and I do not always see eye to eye and I don’t always get my way. He knows me like the back of his hand and at the end of the day we love each other and were in love with each other. No one is perfect although we all hope to be in some type of way.
    I could go on and on all day about how amazing an Aries person is and in the same breath every other sign would say the same thing about them. You have some good apples and bad apples but at the end of the day it’s your choice to take it or leave it. I’m not tooting my own horn and some May say that I am, I’m just stating the facts. If you can’t handle all there is about the Aries zodiac then maybe your better off as friends.

  14. Danny September 20, 2013 at 6:08 am

    Answering Gemini.
    I’m an Aries man (April 13.1960).Most of my girlfriends were Gemini.Honestly don’t know why,all I can say is they’re attracted to me.However I don’t think a Gemini – Aries relationship is compatible.It starts out great,very intense,fantastic sex and great conversations (In this order).After awhile things go down the drain because Gemini Women are a bit too possesive for my taste.
    The specimen you are dating however is probably involved with somebody else or is just taking you for a ride.
    Little tip:Dating an Aries can be pretty easy…if you play your cards close to your chest.Stay mysterious,a bit unpredictable and give the guy some space,don’t ever nag,we hate that,good luck!

  15. Suma September 12, 2013 at 9:57 am

    If you love yourself..never , ever get involved with an aries men…. They are demons …they deserved to be by themselves …at the beginning you are gonna think I’m crazy …because he is so lovely , so sweet….after years let me know …

  16. Gemini August 31, 2013 at 11:50 pm

    As a Gemini woman I’ve date a lot of men but never really have the courage to settle down which instead I disappear on the individual. About 4 months ago I was seeing an Aries man (April 12) & he was a pure disaster. He was a user, full of drama, game player etc. I had to drop him. I decided to not date Aries men anymore but these men can’t seem to get enough of me (vis versa)..A fews days ago, I ended up meeting another Aries (March 26th) and he’s cool. We out for drinks and laughed, talked but I could see his intensity to have sex with me but (that’s wasn’t going to happen)…we kissed each other goodnight after our long walk in the park & we went our separate ways. The kiss definitely left a mark on me. I know I have to be careful with him because I do sense he could may be a player. I like him but I’m not sure where this is going to go.

  17. Caramello August 19, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    im a Gemini n i cheated on my aries man while we were only f…. buddies by:

    -talking to his bf
    -n kissing
    -n messaging him

    ….now my aries thinks i tried to get between he n his bf n he turned not only the bf against me but also his family(dad)….n im pretty sure he is spreading rumors…… i just realize i am in love with him n feel awful for hurting him….

    Q1: what does his actions mean?
    Q2: how do i let him know im sorry n i love him?
    Q3: how do i fix this? or How do i get him to stop hurting me back?

    i tried my best to not love him during our few months by being a bitch…n end up falling for him …pfffffffff

  18. Gemini June 23, 2013 at 11:31 am

    I am a Gemini and just met an Aries. Yes, we got along great. But, am having a hard
    time getting that second date. We both are very attracted to each other. But, its hard
    for him to follow thru. I call him and he leaves me hanging. I am so upset, he admits
    that he made a mistake (you think)? All I am asking for is a phone call. Not make me wait
    for 6 hrs. I hate to keep calling and being a pest. I told him this is a red flag. Is there
    any Aries men out there? I need an honest answer or Gemini (woman) dating an Aries.
    Would welcome any honest advice. Thanks

  19. Sherri June 8, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Seems like an Aries man can end up leading a very lonely life as he ages. Must be sad to not ever find a lover. Well, one that will constantly put up with someone who never grows up. All the love, gifts and loyalty in the world won’t make me put up with someone like that. I actually dated an Aries guy for about 3 months, and 2 months in, I knew it was over. I dropped him like a bad habit, but he still lingers around. Guess like everyone here says it’s the challenge and the chase, but I am SO NOT into him anymore. I m dating an Aquarius dude who I seem to mesh with. Oh, by the way, I am a Libra (female). I think the Aries and I were too much alike and I just wasn’t willing to do any compromising when I didn’t feel it was mutual. Just moved on. Life’s too short..especially when you’re over 50!

  20. Suma May 28, 2013 at 4:30 am

    Aries are liar and cheater…don t trust them …you get involved and blind…they just want sexy…if u don’t satisfy him …he cries like a baby….I had my aries for 4 years , loved him …I gave him a lot space …guys …he is 57 years …but he still the same cheater and liar ….never mature….he cheated on me …I got the MSG ….for another girl…he kept saying …this is an old one …for me ….he broke my heart …I hate him …I loved him so much…

  21. Melvin March 27, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    I dated an Aries woman for about 4 months and everything was good in the beginning, but then all of a sudden I was the forgotten man. She put me at the back of the line for her “girl pack”. Not to mention her co-workers and her pets. I remember getting doors slammed in my face and called out of my name. I bent over backwards trying to be good to her, but I guess that wasn’t enough. I got tired of her bull-crap and basically told her where to stick her attitude. This is coming from a Capricorn and I don’t take that kind of garbage from anyone. Everything about Aries is the gospel truth, from their egotistical attitudes down to tantrum throwing when they don’t get their way.

  22. aca91483 October 1, 2012 at 7:49 am

    arie’s man is so cheater.. i been with this man for almost 7 years.he get cheat twice. the last is the worst things happened that the relationship was ended.The article was right.they can’t express their self more.They do what they know its right whether they hurt someone…beware of this zodiac they so really hard to love and understand.They have self freedom and don’t bother on others even they have partner in life.Impulsive and they get lost after the decision have done. Don’t love them back because they always played in a relationship.

  23. Tammy August 27, 2012 at 5:20 am

    I’m a Cancer ending an 8 year relationship with an Aries who is now leaving for China to date an Aries he met online 6 months ago. My heart is broken. Told him NO CONTACT when he returns from China. He thinks by staying friends with me he is not burning any bridges: he needs to know he doesn’t have it like that. The grass is always greener…

  24. staylor0418 July 13, 2012 at 10:49 am

    I am an Aries woman and have been dating an Aries man. Holy Cow! This article is dead on. We allow each other the space that we require being head strong Aries and this helps greatly. I treat him like the man he deserves to feel like and he satisfies ALL my needs and makes me feel 100% protected, loved, cherished and understood. We were both strangely drawn to each other which we have never felt that way about anyone before. The sex is OUT OF THIS WORLD! There isn’t anything we do or try that doesn’t completely consume every bit of our body and souls. This man has done a complete 180 just for me that before he would have been completely knowingly selfish about. I support, encourage and satisfy him every way possible. Our relationship is full of pure passion, desire and unconditional love. The key for us is addressing any issues that arise right away. Do not let those things way on your mind. This will hinder any chance of oneness with your partner.

  25. FunnyFace815 May 23, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Here is the basics:

    Sun: Leo
    Moon: Taurus
    Rising: Aries

    Mercury, Venus, Mars: All in VIRGO

    What is a good match for this conundrum

  26. Tall, Tan, & Teasing May 23, 2012 at 6:48 am

    I agree with Aries Friend

    Ladies do beware! Whether friend or more, an Aries will cheat, cheat, lie and cheat some more. They’re very sneaky about their affairs & won’t sit down and discuss– VERY immature & self-centered with giant egos.

    Just canned one; I am a Gemini which makes me very compatible to an Aries; the one I dated apparently had a personality conflict; too busy trying to been seen and got lost in himself….LOL!

  27. Tall, Tan, & Teasing May 23, 2012 at 6:42 am

    I agree with Aries Friend

    Ladies do beware! Weather friend or more, they cheat, cheat, lie and cheated some more. They’re very sneaky about their affairs & won’t sit down and discuss – VERY immature & self-centered with giant egos, can’t express themselves even if their life depended on it and if they do, more than likely it is a lie. I just canned one for cheating. I am a Gemini which makes me very compatible; I came to the conclusion that he had a personality conflict to busy trying to be seen and got lost in himself…LOL!

  28. tracy May 19, 2012 at 10:10 am

    I am an aries and I fit my sign to a t. Unfortunately with my relationships they just don’t seem to work out but when history repeats itself its no wondr why.

  29. Lynn Rose April 17, 2012 at 8:38 am


  30. dora April 11, 2012 at 10:59 am

    I have been seeing an aries on and off for two plus years, ya hes complicated, likes his space, has many homegirls, but also very honest and giving of himself.

  31. grace April 9, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    never been luckx in my relationships maybe tryx an aries like me will do or better still some tell me what to do

  32. ERIC March 26, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    hmmm…I’m an Aries male….the article is broad in some analysis and specific in others…I’ve been in love and loved Aries, Pisces, Aquarius,Cancer, Libra in my lifetime; and am currently with a Gemini lady. I am attracted to Leo, Scorpio, Virgo and Sag women, just never connected because they were in a relationship. I don’t pursue a lady that is in a relationship or try to break one apart. They are all wonderful, fun women. No regrets, no lies, no cheats. I believe we were cool and good for one another at the time of the relationship. I guess I’m a lil’ ol’ school romantic; an Aries-Virgo; athletic, educated, working professional. So, I don’t know if astrology works or not, but sure is an interesting read. I like the appeal of a physically attractive woman, coupled with intelligence and wit to match…throw in a diplomatic, diverse character and I’m gonna love her till the end of time…I love being an Aries male…April 6!

  33. Aries Friend March 24, 2012 at 8:57 am

    Wow, mostly true about Aries, but ladies beware! Any Aries i’ve known, whether friend or more, has cheated, cheated, lied and cheated some more. They’re very sneaky about their affairs & won’t sit down and discuss – very immature & self-centered with giant egos. That’s my experience with a bunch of them!

  34. DANNY March 23, 2012 at 11:38 pm


  35. Katherine March 23, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    I’m an Aries born April 1st and I’m in love with a Scorpio who is 15 years younger than I am. Unfortunately he doesn’t get me. Maybe its that he is inexperienced in the fine art of loving. I just wish he knew how to make me feel special to him as today he is being rather distant and uncaring and it is bothering me.

  36. vrugs March 23, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    i am also an aries but always felt i was more like a taurus, although the article seems spot on. i was married to a virgo for 25 years. after divorce i dated another aries for about 3 years and after that a pisces for 4-5 years off & on. they All ended up cheating on me. i don’t think it matters what sign men are, in my experience, they cheat! i am now seeing a virgo that has been in & out of my life my whole life. we literally have known each other since we were 12 & 13 years of age. we were each others first kiss & first girlfriend/boyfriend. he is a Very different virgo then in my marriage, they are complete opposites…maybe not Every man comes from the same mold, i’m hoping!

  37. CC March 23, 2012 at 11:09 am

    I’ve dated an Aries man off and on for over five years, I’m a Scoripo on the cusp of Sag. I also dated another Aries, but why is it that they both are not satisfied with just one relationship and have to have several women to be with??? I fell in love with this one, and he lies to cover up the other women but keeps coming back to me, when I’m through!!!

  38. Alleycat March 23, 2012 at 6:21 am

    Super article… and describes me perfectly. Love being an Aries !

  39. Alleycat March 23, 2012 at 6:19 am

    Happy Birthday to me ! And to the Taurus .. Moises M …. Sure .. why not ?

  40. honey March 23, 2012 at 5:25 am

    I think this article just said exactly what any Aries person wants to hear, in truth the average Aries man cannot be trusted as far as you can throw him and I know a good number of them, also all the ego stroking that they need can become real old real fast.

  41. Leslie March 23, 2012 at 4:44 am

    I am a Taurus and have been dating an Aries for five years. This reading is dead on accurate. He is very romantic but also likes to have his space. It took me awhile to realize it wasn’t about me ( as a taurus I tend to be a little bullheaded :P ) but once I did, and gave him the space he needed, WOW are things great!

  42. christine March 22, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    I’m an Aries and love it!! Have had two long term relationships with Aries men and the sex is FIRE. Not compatible but compatible. Chasing one now, first he was chasing me. Now he’s backed off and I’m after him. I’ll get him and when I do, its will be a wonderful experience again!! Can’t wait.

  43. Lisa March 22, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    How about a Scorpio dating a Leo ???

  44. franck March 22, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    i am an aries (belier in french) and i am proud!!!
    i approve this message!!!!!lolooloo

  45. Beth March 22, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Im an Aries, and this is right on. still looking for love..been fooled by many Virgos. What is a good match for an Aries?

  46. Faith ext. 9608
    Faith ext. 9608 March 22, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Fabulous people! Fun, energetic, loyal, honest and delightful!!! LOL!

  47. Carlos March 22, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    I am Leo, and I want to know an Aries Girl, it looks like is a perfect match for a Leo person.
    I hear that Aries and Leo is the perfect match, so is very excited to find out an Aries Girl.!!!
    Thank you for the information.

  48. dark goddess March 22, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    i am a pisces female a he is an aries male…we are not dating, but we have some sort of connection. i have grown to care for him as he for me..For a pisces female I keep him on his toes. And he has dated other pisceans but he never encountered one like me. I dont give in 100% because that would be way too easy for an Aries. Hunters they are…and he has captured me for a short period of time…and I always free myself making the chase even more challenging for him. He likes it..but kinda hates it also. Aries are jealous by nature and headstrong..and I do not let it get to me. They can be turbalant signs but I am just alittle more than he can handle(not that he will admit it). He likes to lead but at times I take over that lead…frustrates him but it still keeps him coming back for him. They can be controlling and I fix that right away. He has a hard time controlling me and again pisses him sometimes but it makes him want to be around me more. So yes Aries and Pisces(dependin on the people involved) can work out. its a give and take, push and pull that keeps the relationship fiery and steamy at the same time. :)

  49. hilda March 22, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    i am happy being an aries .all that you say is true

  50. Marcia Fernandes March 22, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    I love been an Aries, that is a great article love it.

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