Pisces Profile

February 17, 2009 at 5:00 pm

The sun transits into ultra-romantic Pisces on February 18, 2009, which heightens both idealism and fantasy in relationships. It’s all about finding someone who shares a spiritual and emotional link with you. For those of you already paired up, it’s time to focus on healing and forgiveness so you can enjoy increased intimacy.

Pisces, after all, rules compassion. Tuning into the spiritual and intuitive connection within your relationship will also deepen your bond. And don’t forget your own personal connection to the Universe, which can deepen through meditation, spiritual endeavors and lending a helping hand to someone in need.

As for fun, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion. This can make for some imaginative romps in the bedroom. Role-playing and quirky costumes can heighten the passion between you. Watery delights such as a splash in the hot tub or a stroll by the sea can also rev up romance. Foot rubs (ahhh!) are favored, too, because Pisces rules the feet.

As for the pitfalls of Pisces, beware of the Fish’s penchant for denial, like ignoring your intuition (or the facts) when it tells you something’s amiss. In other words, seek clarity, be honest and keep your eyes open in whatever you’re doing.

Now let’s delve a little deeper into watery depths of Pisces.

Pisces psyche
Pisces is the unsung hero of the zodiac. They are usually humble and content to work behind the scenes. Their brilliance, however, can propel them into the limelight, but they’ll need plenty of time alone to recharge. That’s because Pisces is a psychic sponge that absorbs the energy of others, which can deplete their emotional and physical strength.

Often shy, Pisces hesitates to speak out – unless their spiritual values have been tread upon. Then they are the most determined of fighters. They’ll also fight for the underdog because compassion is their guiding principle and the root of their power.

Being a Mutable Water sign, Pisces is unusually attuned to spiritual guidance that comes from within. They don’t need a religious mediator to tell them about God, or Allah, or Spirit, or whatever they believe in. They just feel the presence of the divine.

Imagination is one of Pisces’s greatest gifts. They can be talented artists, actors, writers and musicians (think Frédéric Chopin) who seem to draw on divine inspiration. They can also be gifted scientists, like Albert Einstein, who channel ideas from the spiritual realm and manifest them here on Earth.

The greatest challenge of Pisces is balancing their idealistic nature with practical matters. Being grounded is difficult. They’re the dreamers of the zodiac, after all. When adversity hits them hard, they’re tempted to deaden the pain through drugs, alcohol or simple denial. Facing reality head-on, with clarity and courage, will help Pisces stay strong.

Pisces in love
If you’re in love with a Pisces, you’re in for a romantic ride. Love is an all-encompassing state of bliss (or despair) for this devoted sign. When in love, Pisces gives over body, mind, heart and soul to their beloved. Their keen sensitivity allows them to merge with their partner at a profound level. That’s because their ethereal Neptune ruler is the great boundary dissolver. Which can lead to one of Pisces’s biggest challenges: lack of healthy boundaries can make them a doormat, unable to say no. They can also be enablers who inadvertently support their partner’s bad habits for fear of confrontation or by denying that problems exist. Confrontation is hard for Pisces and they will go out of their way to avoid it by emotionally retreating or abusing drugs or alcohol. They can be extremely illusive if they feel threatened in any way (or if they have a manipulative streak). At their worst, Pisces can be deceivers and con artists. At their best, they can rise to the highest form of selfless love.

Pisces at work
Not surprising, with their powerful creativity, Pisces often embraces the arts. Also, their empathy and insightfulness make them exceptional therapists, teachers and spiritual leaders. With a strong Air element (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) in their chart, Pisces can be inspired scientists and technological innovators (think Steve Jobs of Apple). A strong predominance of Earth can give them a talent for business. Whatever they choose to do, Pisces needs to stick to a schedule or they’ll get lost in their own dreams. Too much regimentation, however, will crush their creativity.

As the most unworldly of the signs, Pisces inspires us to make the world a better place through compassion, artistry and our connection to the divine.

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Weekly LoveCast™

February 15, 2009 at 5:00 pm

A Mars-Jupiter conjunction in friendly Aquarius revs up socializing during much of the week. Feelings are unusually chaotic on Wednesday. Over the weekend, friends and group activities can bring some startling insights about your life.

Week of February 16 – 22, 2009

Aries: Your need for adventure makes you unusually restless on Tuesday and Wednesday. Being physically active will help burn off the excess energy. Evaluating your career goals is encouraged toward the end of the week, but avoid taking drastic measures. Friends and group activities bring romance and other opportunities this weekend!

Taurus: The week begins with a stormy vibe that can turn into an emotional avalanche by Wednesday, so try to stay centered. Emotions deepen on Thursday, when your intuition is especially active. Your wisdom guides you in love (and in other areas) on Friday. An unusual activity or locale inspires romance this weekend, so access your eccentric side!

Gemini: A fun-filled rendezvous brings delight on Tuesday, but relationship complications arise on Wednesday. Avoid going to extremes in your views about love. Blocks to intimacy can make romance challenging on Thursday, but Friday brings insights about those issues. A foreign ambiance or cultural event can rev up romance this weekend, so be adventurous!

Cancer: Your naughty side comes out to play on Monday. A work project can bring a romantic interlude on Tuesday. An erratic coworker or work situation may throw you off balance on Wednesday. A stormy tryst turns passionate on Thursday or Friday. Your need to experiment in the boudoir (toys? games? role-playing?) when passion heats up this weekend!

Leo: Throughout the week, envisioning what you want from a relationship will help you manifest luck in love. Monday is complicated, but romance accelerates on Tuesday. Your wild-child disrupts romance on Wednesday. Love needs a grounded approach on Thursday and Friday. Your sense of fun energizes togetherness this weekend, especially on Sunday!

Virgo: Flirting accelerates passion on Monday. A homey encounter deepens love on Tuesday, but you’ll need to watch out for love’s stumbling blocks (intimacy, time or commitment issues) on Wednesday. Your mystique makes you irresistible (and hard to get) on Thursday. Discuss commitment on Friday. Your quirky side heightens romance over the weekend, so be original!

Libra: Passion accelerates throughout the week, but your desire for freedom can make it difficult to settle down. Words from the heart attract or deepen love on Tuesday. You’ll likely be drawn into an argument on Wednesday. Feng shui your home to energize romance and prosperity on Thursday or Friday. Playful creativity accelerates passion on Saturday and especially on Sunday!

Scorpio: This week is all about beautifying your home and improving communications with your family. Monday brings either passion or moodiness. Expressing appreciation heightens love on Tuesday. A disagreement about money may arise on Wednesday. A deep discussion brings insights on Thursday or Friday. Entertaining at your abode can bring a delightful surprise this weekend!

Sagittarius: Expressing your feelings accelerates romance on Tuesday, but a sudden change of feelings (yours? theirs?) can upset love on Wednesday. A clash of wills over money may arise on Thursday. Discuss practicalities with your sweetie on Friday. A mix of flirtatiousness and wisdom (while on a trip?) inspires romance this weekend.

Capricorn: Your sensuality inspires a romantic interlude on Monday. An outdoor rendezvous can bring delight on Tuesday. You may feel out of sorts on Wednesday, so take some quiet time to get centered. Your magnetism and expertise draw admirers on Thursday and Friday. Revealing your uniqueness and expressing appreciation will heighten romance this weekend!

Aquarius: You’re feeling willful on Monday. Friends and group activities bring joy on Tuesday. Socializing can get you into trouble on Wednesday, so choose your companions carefully. Take some time alone to recharge on Thursday. A quiet tryst for two can heighten intimacy on Friday. Your charisma, vision and braininess make you a magnet for admirers this weekend!

Pisces: Your intuition is especially active throughout the week, so listen to your inner voice. Intimacy soars on Monday! Be courageous in love on Tuesday. Try to avoid being drawn into other people’s problems on Wednesday. Friends bring fun (and complications?) on Thursday and Friday. Use your imagination to create an unusual rendezvous for two this weekend.

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Spiritual Thinkers: Mother Theresa

February 15, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Mother Theresa is an outstanding role model for fulfilling the destiny of one’s Sun sign. She was born in Macedonia on August 26, 1910, under the sign of Virgo, which rules service. As a Roman Catholic nun and missionary, she dedicated her life to helping the poor, the sick, the hungry, “all those people,” she said, “who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone.”

At age 12 she knew she would enter religious life as a missionary. Before her death in 1997, she was operating 610 missions in 123 countries. In 1979, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. However, not everything in Mother Theresa’s chart points to a natural inclination for sacrifice.

On the one hand, the Sun-Mars-Mercury trio in Virgo gave her the will and humility to serve. It prompted her to leave the convent and live among the destitute in India. During her first year as a missionary, before she received permission from the Vatican to start a congregation, she resorted to begging for food and supplies because she had no income. She experienced firsthand the suffering caused by poverty.

On the other hand, such a life was completely at odds with her Moon in Taurus. Above all other Moon placements, Taurus craves physical and emotional comfort. Familiar surroundings are usually a necessity. As she reported in her diary, the initial difficulties and loneliness of her work made her long for the comfort of her former order. She saw this longing as a temptation. In an intriguing twist of fate, and helping to squelch this temptation, she also had Saturn in Taurus. Saturn is the planet of duty, karma and deprivation. It gave her the discipline to forgo creature comforts and material belongings so she could get on with her faith-based work. It also gave her a head for handling money, a valuable talent when heading a large network of charity organizations.

Lion heart
Another contradiction in her chart was her Venus in Leo, which would normally crave not only comfort, but luxury. And romance, no less – somewhat inconvenient for a nun. But here comes Saturn again – it forms a close square to Venus, which erected a karmic barrier against personal love and materialism. Such a challenging influence (for the rest of us, at least!) only helped to strengthen her purpose.

Earth mother
Mainly, the powerful Earth element in her chart, as indicated by Virgo and Taurus, says that Mother Theresa was not only a religious woman, but a deeply practical one, with a core of steel. She could also be incredibly stubborn and, some would say, short-sighted because of her traditional and religious views. Still, she had the unique ability to combine faith with practicality to help the needy. And there was a physical component to her work that was indeed “earthy.” She didn’t sit in the ivory tower of a convent and make decisions about the poor. Instead, she got her hands dirty, so to speak, and lived among the poor to ease their suffering.

The diplomat
During the Siege of Beirut in 1982, Mother Theresa joined the Red Cross in evacuating dozens of children from a war-zone hospital. To do this, she first had to negotiate a ceasefire between the Israeli army and the PLO. The diminutive nun’s Earth-power was obviously at work, as was her Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter rules faith and fortune, while Libra rules relationships, fairness and cooperation. It’s the ultimate mediator and a valuable asset if you find yourself at the center of a battle.

What began as a small congregation became the Missionaries of Charity, which grew into a worldwide organization that includes hospices, soup kitchens, counseling programs, orphanages and schools. All started by a nun with a “Virgo” mission, who clearly fulfilled her destiny.

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February 14, 2009 at 5:00 pm

I dreamt that I was walking around a large house or building looking for a bathroom. At first I was with a person I knew from the past (someone in my industry with whom I had a brief intimate relationship) who then morphed into this jerky guy I know very slightly who is also in my industry.

Each toilet I tried was either covered in blood or had a pool of blood next to it. Eventually, my twin sister appeared and found the same situation. I think my mom might have been there, too, though I don’t remember the details. The entire dream (nightmare) was very distressing and had a feeling of impending terror.

Linda in New York City

Hello Linda,

Your dream was undoubtedly about eliminating something in your life (no surprise there!). You may need to “flush away” some emotional negativity that stems from troubling relationships from the past. Are you harboring any anger or resentment toward former lovers? Are you feeling some sadness over lack of fulfillment in love? These feelings can block you from attracting someone compatible. Your dream may also indicate you’re flushing away (wasting) positive energy on incompatible people (or jobs) that “bleed” you dry. And because your sister and mother were in the dream, these issues are connected to family patterns. Look to see what needs to leave your life so you can move forward.

Sweet dreams,

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Rockers ‘n’ Models in Love

February 10, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Fashion and rock ‘n’ roll have always been a titillating team. We’re mesmerized by pop fashionistas, like Madonna in the ’80s with her crucifixes and lacy bras. So it’s no surprise that rock and fashion are sometimes wedded in the literal sense, when musicians hook up with models. A love of the wild and extraordinary seems to be a prerequisite for these unions, as we’ll discover from the following glamorous couples.

Brilliant and Unconventional: Heidi Klum and Seal
As an Air Sign couple, supermodel Heidi Klum and soul singer/songwriter Seal, who married in 2005, inspire each other’s style and creativity. Born on June 1, 1973, Klum has a whopping five planets in Gemini – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn – making her superbly versatile. Indeed, the German beauty, best known as a Victoria’s Secret model and host of the reality TV series Project Runway, is also an actress, TV producer, singer, fashion designer and artist. The woman would simply be bored without having a multitude of activities going on at once. Adding to her restlessness is Uranus, which touches all five of her Gemini planets. This charismatic influence amps up her flirtatiousness and gives her an unconventional streak. So it seems natural that she would seek out an unusual man.

Born on February 19, 1963, Seal’s Sun Sign is on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, indicating he’s brilliant, imaginative and sensitive – and unconventional, like his wife. The couple share an Air Sign emphasis, indicating they’re in tune with each other’s creative and social proclivities. In the bedroom, the Pisces side of Seal hooks up with Klum’s Mars in Pisces, which has surely inspired many imaginative nights spent between the sheets. However, with Venus in earthy, practical Capricorn, Seal also desires stability in love. If he can bring his airy, lady-love down to earth occasionally, their match will continue to be both lofty and sound.

Fiery and Creative: David Bowie and Iman
With Aquarius ascendant, rock superstar David Bowie shares the brilliant, rebellious and unconventional energy of Seal and Klum. The English singer/songwriter is best known for his glam-rock music of the ’70s and for his androgynous onstage persona, Ziggy Stardust. Born on January 8, 1947, Bowie has a traditional side from his Sun, Mars and Mercury in practical Capricorn. Perhaps his Earth Sign nature is fulfilled by an enduring marriage – Capricorn is, after all, the sign of longevity, and he’s been married to supermodel Iman Abdulmajid since 1992.

Iman was born on July 25, 1955 in Somalia. Her Venus, Mercury and Uranus in Cancer oppose Bowie’s Cap placements, indicating an “opposites attract” scenario between them. The dynamic model/actress has Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Leo, indicating she’s a creative powerhouse with a flair for leadership (as the CEO of Iman Cosmetics). Most important for the couple, her Leo placements connect passionately and creatively with her husband’s Moon in Leo – her Sun energizes him emotionally while her Mars turns him on sexually. And Bowie has Leo ruling his 7th house of marriage – how appropriate that he married a lioness!

Emotional complications: Kate Moss and Pete Doherty
Unfortunately, a Uranian relationship that thrives on freedom and thrills isn’t always meant to last. Kate Moss, another wild-child Capricorn, was engaged to English rocker Pete Doherty, but they reportedly broke up last summer. Moss was born on January 6, 1974. Her Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius give the supermodel/designer an unconventional side, with the need for freedom in relationships – and for someone extraordinary to love. She and Doherty, a singer/songwriter with the rock group Babyshambles (previously with the Libertines), met two years ago. Born on March 12, 1979, he has Sun in watery Pisces, which is a flowing emotional tie with Moss’s Sun in Capricorn. More importantly, they both have Venus in Aquarius, indicating some rebelliousness when it comes to commitment. Even more challenging is Moss’s Moon in Scorpio, which complicates her Aquarius energy and makes her alternately passionate and detached. Doherty has his own emotional problems with Moon conjunct Saturn in analytical Virgo, indicating a tendency toward depression and self-criticism. Both are very controlling and have struggled with drug abuse. Their relationship may be a case of needing to work out personal issues before getting involved with anyone.

The relationships between rockers and models may not always last, but they are a sexy, creative and fascinating combination, nonetheless.

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Weekly LoveCast™

February 8, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Monday’s Full Moon heightens romantic fantasies throughout this Valentine’s Day week. Enjoy the dreaminess but keep it genuine. Passion is hot but complicated on cupid’s big day out (Saturday) – and even steamier on Sunday!

Week of February 9 – 15, 2009

Aquarius: Plan something fun with your sweetie during the Full Moon – or be open to attracting someone fabulous. Love is earthy on Tuesday. Detachment may block passion on Wednesday. Romance can be found during a spiritual gathering on Thursday or Friday. Combativeness may derail love on Saturday. You’re mischievous on Sunday!

Pisces: Your allure skyrockets during the Full Moon! Just be clear about what you want to avoid sending mixed messages. A rendezvous inspires romance on Tuesday. Your partner may be combative on Wednesday. Express what’s in your heart on Thursday or Friday. Hidden desires emerge on Saturday. Spontaneity heats up passion on Sunday.

Aries: The Full Moon energizes your inventiveness in the romance arena, so be creative with your sweetie and have some fun! A disruption at work may throw you off balance mid-week. A twosome night out makes love bloom on Thursday or Friday. Love gets lusty this weekend, but an argument may upset romance on Saturday.

Taurus: Your artistry for entertaining gets a boost from the Full Moon, so throw a party – or host an enticing event for two. Romance is unpredictable mid-week, but clear communications will get things back on track. Your style draws admirers on Thursday and Friday. Socializing with friends brings a romantic interlude this weekend!

Gemini: Flirting kicks into high gear during the Full Moon, when your gift for words can make romance soar. A cozy tryst at your abode revs up romance on Tuesday. Feelings are chaotic on Wednesday. Use your artistry to inspire romance on Thursday and Friday. Instincts override logic to heighten (and complicate!) passion this weekend.

Cancer: Showing your appreciation through a heartfelt gesture can deepen (or attract) romance during the Full Moon. Your sense of humor gets you noticed on Tuesday or Wednesday. Entertaining for two at your home makes love bloom on Thursday or Friday. Your sensuality heightens intimacy this weekend – if you can avoid moodiness.

Leo: Your powers of attraction soar during Monday’s Full Moon in your sign, which makes you especially creative in the boudoir! Expressing your appreciation makes romance bloom on Tuesday and Wednesday. Words from the heart inspire love on Thursday and Friday. Saturday is touchy, but throwing a party on Sunday can bring delight.

Virgo: Love blooms in a peaceful (but sexy!) ambiance during the Full Moon, when your daring side comes out to play. Your magnetism soars on Tuesday. You’re feeling rebellious on Wednesday, so do something unusual. An artsy activity can inspire romance on Thursday and Friday. Lust collides with objectivity on Saturday. Flirtatiousness turns hot on Sunday!

Libra: Socializing with friends and networking with colleagues can offer opportunities for fun and profit during the Full Moon. A cozy encounter enhances love on Tuesday. Hidden desires come out to play on Wednesday. Your powers of attraction skyrocket on Thursday and Friday. Saturday may feel abrasive. Your lusty side takes over on Sunday!

Scorpio: Passion escalates but may get complicated during the Full Moon – seek to clarify mixed messages. A friend can be instrumental in bringing romance to your doorstep on Tuesday or Wednesday. Create a serene ambiance to rev up romance on Thursday or Friday. Your mystique makes you irresistible this weekend, if you avoid a clash of wills.

Sagittarius: An exotic locale or trip for two will accelerate romance during the Full Moon. Pay attention to your intuition too. Analyzing your relationship will bring some startling insights on Tuesday and Wednesday. You’re the center of attention while socializing on Thursday and Friday. A sexy retreat for two makes passion escalate this weekend!

Capricorn: Intimacy heats up during the Full Moon, when expressing your deepest desires can heighten passion. Sharing your knowledge and spiritual views inspires romance on Tuesday and Wednesday. Working on a project together can deepen love on Thursday and Friday. Romance can be found (or enhanced) through a friendly gathering this weekend.

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February 7, 2009 at 5:00 pm

I dreamt that I had been kidnapped by a man and like Patty Hearst I decided to go along with it to be safe. I went along with it and he and his family around me started thinking that maybe I was okay with this… but that really didn’t make me feel better. I started looking very subtly for ways out and I couldn’t find them. As time went on in my dream, I felt more and more as if things were getting more complicated and that I wasn’t safe and I had this awful feeling (which I have never felt before) of being enslaved. Then some guy was flicking cigarette ash towards me and I went for help from the kidnapper and he wouldn’t help me. I realized it was a dream and I woke myself up.

Dee in Santa Monica

Hi Dee,

I suspect the kidnapper may be your “masculine” side, the part of you that’s intellectual and goal-oriented. Do you feel compelled lately to do something more with your life? It sounds like you’re putting pressure on yourself, which part of you thinks it is a good thing (going along with the kidnapper), but which you have reservations about. You’re trying to force your feminine side, which is passive and feeling-oriented, to go along with your intellect – or perhaps go along with society’s homage to accomplishment (and disregard for “just being”).

Does that ring any bells?

Sweet Dreams!

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Hollywood’s Onscreen Chemistry

February 3, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Who could forget the romance between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca? Their compelling chemistry – you just it was true love! So what is it that creates onscreen chemistry that goes on to make a film legendary?

In this case, their Sun signs (Bogart was a Capricorn and Bergman was a Virgo) shared the same Earth element, which meant they were energetically in-sync with each other. But Sun signs are only part of the picture in onscreen magic. Let’s take a look at the charts of some of today’s hot film couples to see what ignites their chemistry.

Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett
In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Pitt plays a man who is born old and gets younger as he ages. Blanchett portrays a childhood friend who becomes his lover when their ages coincide. Interestingly, this film has a Saturn theme because Saturn rules time and old age, which makes Pitt perfect for the role. Although he’s a Sagittarius born on December 18, 1963, he has multiple placements in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. He’s unusually grounded and patient for a Fire sign, which shows up in his subdued portrayal of Benjamin Button. The movie itself has a Capricorn vibe because of the leisurely pace and development of the characters.

So what about Blanchett? Born on May 14, 1969, she’s a Taurus (another Earth sign). In the film, her Taurean sensuality and artistry dovetail nicely with Pitt’s calmly charismatic persona. Their relationship has a slow but steady buildup (so typical of Earth signs), which results in a loving and lifelong bond. As for sexual sizzle, Blanchett has Mars in Sagittarius near Pitt’s Sun, a dynamic tie that fires up their onscreen connection.

Diane Lane and Richard Gere
After collaborating in The Cotton Club (1984) and Unfaithful (2002), the romantic team of Lane and Gere were paired once again in the poignant love story Nights in Rodanthe.

At first glance, Gere and Lane have nothing in common astrologically – he’s a grounded Virgo born on August 31, 1949, while she’s an airy Aquarius born on January 22, 1965. Ah, but there’s plenty of chemistry beneath their Sun signs. Lane has Moon in Libra, the sign of love and partnership. Emotionally, she’s refined and gracious, which comes across in her acting. Her Moon illuminates Gere’s Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Libra. Their energy together is definitely romantic. What’s more, she has multiple Earth placements – Mercury and Venus in Capricorn and Mars, Pluto and Uranus in Virgo – that energize his Sun in Virgo. And of course, their Mars-Sun tie heightens their onscreen heat.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
Another couple with strong Libra connections is DiCaprio and Winslet. Their onscreen love affair enthralled audiences in the blockbuster film Titanic (1997). Eleven years later, their magic is still alive and well in the drama Revolutionary Road.

Born on November 11, 1974, DiCaprio has Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in magnetic Scorpio. He’s driven, passionate and strong-willed. But it’s his Moon, Uranus and Pluto in Libra that create the chemistry with Winslet. Born on October 5, 1975, she has Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto in Libra. That’s a combined seven placements in the sign of romance! It’s no wonder that Titanic, which earned 11 Academy Awards (including Best Picture), is one of the highest grossing films of all time.

Whether it’s a sensual Earth connection or a loving Libra connection, astrological ties can certainly heighten the realism – and chemistry – in onscreen relationships.

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