Close the Emotional Distance Gap

October 17, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Why Are They So Hot and Then Cold?

As David Brooks wrote in The Social Animal, “Words are the fuel of courtship. Other species win their mates through a series of escalating dances, but humans use conversation.” When those intense feelings and discussions dwindle or abruptly end, it can leave a person to wonder what happened with their relationship. One moment, the relationship is progressing along nicely. You’re even talking about the future together. In the next moment, they have gone cold. You might wonder if you’ve done something wrong, but there’s one thing I’ve learned: it’s not all about you.

The insightful Psychic Laura ext. 5184 has seen a growing trend in this area. She’s received a lot of calls from women who remark their partner has gone cold and distant. In her video, she describes what might actually be the cause. Read More

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3 Ways to Move On From Being Laid Off

October 6, 2011 at 5:00 pm

About two years ago, I collected unemployment for the first time in my life. The company I worked for reorganized and moved all 100 jobs back to the Midwest. I could have followed, but I felt very rooted on the West coast. I was devastated and I even felt responsible for being laid off. Luckily, that didn’t last long. Within a few weeks, I felt freer to explore my dormant creative side (mostly writing).

There are a few lessons I learned and Psychic Yvonne hit on many of the lessons I learned in the video. One of the biggest lessons learned that I want to share with you: get out of your head. Talking to someone, like a psychic, can provide deeper insights than you can give yourself. But before I get too far ahead, here are a few other lessons I’ve learned that will help you transition through this time. Read More

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What is He Really Feeling?

September 29, 2011 at 5:00 pm

The most frequent question Psychic Morgana ext. 5471 is asked is “What is he feeling?” In particular, “What is he feeling about me and our relationship?” As an accomplished clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and empath, it is easy for Morgana to tap into the energy of you, your relationship and your partner.

It can be difficult for women to see where the relationship is going, if their partner gives no clue of what they are thinking or feeling about the relationship. You might feel that he is holding back, not telling you the truth or, worse, that he doesn’t love you anymore. It’s time to turn down the emotions and cut out the assumptions. It’s time to change your tactics. Instead of waiting to hear what he’s feeling or thinking or  badgering him for information (as the case may be), check out his actions. Read More

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The 7 Commandments for a Stronger Relationship

September 22, 2011 at 5:00 am

How to Make the Relationship Last

Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 gets a lot of calls from men about how to better understand their partner. He wants to give her everything, but the women may not allow it or give enough in return. In our independence, have we lost our way in allowing others, especially our partners, to do things for us? Do we constantly have to be in control? Amelia provides seven tips on how to make your relationship last.

1. Develop Your Own Personality

Too often we get into a relationship and lose ourselves. We stop doing those things that made us happy when we were single (hanging out with friends, reading on our own or our favorite hobbies). Instead, we spend as much time as possible for the other person. Remind yourself of who you are. If you’ve forgotten, get to know yourself again. Read More

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You Don’t Have to be Skinny to Practice (and Love) Yoga

September 17, 2011 at 5:00 am

I started going to yoga classes after I fell and broke my leg slipping on some ice. I’m not sure if I did this to increase my flexibility and strength or to get my mom to stop nagging me about going to yoga. “You’ll feel so much better if you do!” She kept telling me. It didn’t help that this was my second serious accident in a year, not to mention all the times I had sprained and torn ligaments in my ankles. After the cast was off, I stepped into my first yoga class fearful I would make a fool of myself. I had never practiced it, didn’t know the jargon and was as stiff as a board—not to mention I was very overweight.

Am I Too Fat?

At 300 pounds, I wondered how I could do yoga when I could barely see my toes much less touch them. My worries began to subside when I entered my first class and saw two women in their mid- to late seventies in the class. “If they can do it, so can I!” I thought. And I did. Read More

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Dating Gone Wrong: Recover from Disastrous Dates

September 15, 2011 at 5:00 am

I’m Done With Dating! (Maybe)

We’ve all had the occasional really bad date. But when you have quite a few disastrous dates, it can really be tempting to leave the dating world behind and go explore the mountains in Mozambique. I have no idea if there are any mountains in Mozambique, but the universe might be trying to tell you something.

So listen up. Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 explains that what you’re experiencing might not be all about you. First and foremost: do not give up on dating. Second: cancel your trip to Mozambique.

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The Male Mind: Is He Really Listening to You?

September 8, 2011 at 5:00 am

Psychic Michael ext. 9604 explains it so well in the video below: Men don’t like to share their emotions. Women: We share, if not over share, our emotions with everyone! That’s not a bad thing, but I often hear women get upset when they cannot figure out what their man is thinking or feeling.

We, women, genuinely need that information to better understand what makes out mates tick (or not tick, as the case may be). Michael provides a few tips for men on how to better connect with and understand their partners.

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Tap Into Your Happiness

September 1, 2011 at 5:00 am

Happiness Comes from Within You

But give me to a rambling man

Let it always be known that I was who I am

– Laura Marling from the song Rambling Man

I might not know the secret to happiness for everyone or how to be happy all the time, but I do know what makes me happy at this moment. So if you ever find yourself in Los Angeles, and there is some woman walking and singing with her music on her iPod, it’s probably me. I love to sing. It lifts my spirits and calms me down. What’s more, when I’m happy, people around me are happy.

I ride a train and bus to and from work every day. One day, I was waiting for the bus and a really great song came on (Rambling Man by Laura Marling). I listened to that song over and over walking from the office to the bus stop. While sitting at the bus stop, my feet were taping to the beat, my head bopped up and down and I lifted my face to soak in the sunshine. It felt so good. The music flowing loudly into my ears filled me, and I felt at peace with everything. At one point, I glanced around suddenly self-conscious. The lady sitting next to me on the bench was also tapping her foot. On the train, I continued to listen to that song and continued to bop along with it. Sure enough, when I looked around more people were bopping along to some imaginary music or beat. It felt like we were all connected.

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