Help! What Does My Dream Mean?!

May 7, 2009 at 1:00 am

So I often have vivid dreams and I try to remember as much as I can and look up the meanings the next day. Here’s a recent dream and I think I know what some of it means but would love input! So I’m driving my car (my car in my waking life) and I’m pulling out of a driveway in a suburban home. I live in a city but for some reason, in the dream, I’m in a sort of cul de sac and it’s a sunny day out. I’m in decent spirits but this car hits my right tail light. I think for a second that there was no damage but the driver of the other car gets out to talk to me. She is an older woman with an accent (I don’t know her in real life) and she says she will take full responsibility for the accident and fixing my head lights. I say ok and wake up!

I know cars are about control and I was driving but in reverse. And I’m not sure what the woman hitting my tail light means. Being caught off guard might be an aspect of the dream or someone causing me an injury and taking responsibility for it. What do you think? Why was I in the suburbs? I park on the street usually so why a driveway? This was a new dream for me. And why was the lady so nice to me. I definitely don’t think it was an accident in LA…hahaha…

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Is Your Dream a Past Life Dream?

May 1, 2009 at 6:28 pm

Have you ever had an unusually vivid dream that was set in another time and place? Perhaps you saw yourself sitting in a horse-drawn carriage, wearing a high-necked, long dress that resembled the Victorian style from the 1800s. If you had the feeling upon waking that the dream was as real as your waking life, then you most likely witnessed a scenario from a past life.

So why would you have such a dream? A past-life dream will come to you to shed light on issues you’re dealing with now, issues that have their roots from a past life. The characters in the dream are usually people you’re involved with in your present life. If you have some karma to work out with someone close to you, you may dream about a past life together so you can better understand the dynamic in your relationship – and move on. For instance, if you can’t comprehend why you
immediately disliked your sister’s boyfriend, you may dream that you were unhappily married in the distant past, which will hopefully help you forgive each other and end the cycle of animosity.

Past-life dreams help clarify what’s happening in your life. They can explain why a relationship is so difficult, or why you’re enmeshed in a challenging situation (karma!). This knowledge can help you resolve the past so you can move forward with increased freedom to a more fulfilling life – this time around.

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May 1, 2009 at 5:00 pm

My grandfather died in 1995, and it really shook me. He was the first person that I truly loved that I lost by death. A few months later I had a dream about him. I went up in this escalator, into a stark white room with a gentle breeze. In this room there was only a couch and a picture on the wall. I sat down on the couch and then my Grandpa appeared. He told me things that I wouldn’t be able to know, and told me everything was going to be okay. Was this really a visit from him or was it just a way my mind used to help me through his passing away?

Becky in Ogden, Utah

Hello Becky,

I believe you actually connected with your grandfather. It’s not uncommon for those we love to give us messages of love and hope after they’ve crossed over. Actually, your dream can be interpreted symbolically as well. Riding upward in the elevator symbolizes your trip to higher spiritual realms where your grandfather resides. The stark white room and the gentle breeze have a pristinely spiritual aura as well. It makes me wonder if “visitation rooms” exist where we can visit people on the other side.

I’m sorry you lost your grandfather, but at least you know he’s alive and well on another dimension and still connected to you through love.

Sweet dreams,


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Dreams as Emotional Mirrors

April 27, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Demetra from Toronto, Canada, had been dating her boyfriend Matt for three months when he suddenly broke up with her. A month later she had a dream that warned her about a potentially chronic problem in their relationship.

I dreamed of seeing Matt at our house. We were standing by the freezer deciding what to have for dinner. We were going to barbecue, and it looked like we were a couple living together.

Because dreams reveal what’s going on inside you, they can illuminate emotional problems. In Demetra’s case, the dream reveals the couple’s indecision about their relationship (trying to decide what to have for dinner) because of issues between them that are “frozen” or stuck. The freezer may also symbolize some coldness between them now. The dream is warming Demetra that their relationship problems need to thaw (be worked out) before they can be a couple.

Inner analyst
As you can see with Demetra, working with your dreams can help you resolve issues in your relationship – and in other areas of your life, too. They can also help you work through problems, such as anger, fear and low self-esteem, that keep you from manifesting a compatible relationship, high-paying job or better health.

All about you!
But dreams are so mysterious, you say! Yes, the scenarios may not make any sense at all – at first glance, at least. The key to interpreting your dreams is to keep in mind that most of the elements symbolize a part of you. Whether the central character is a man, woman, hero or villain, this character is within your psyche. For instance, according to psychiatrist Carl Jung, if a woman dreams of a man, he represents the masculine (assertive, analytical, decision-making) side of her personality. Conversely, a woman character in a man’s dream represents his feminine (receptive, nurturing, creative) side. The bad guy in your dream symbolizes your confrontational side or a fear that’s “chasing” you. The hero is your courageous side that you draw on for strength.

Even non-human elements, like an animal, hurricane or purse, symbolize your feelings, attitudes, fears and longings. The exception to this rule is dreaming about the people you’re close to. These dreams will often provide insights about what’s happening with that person and the relationship you have with them, like Demetra’s dream of Matt.

Your house
Dreams of houses are particularly revealing because they symbolize different aspects of your life. The kitchen represents your nurturing ability or dietary habits, the bedroom represent sex and privacy, the basement represents the unconscious feelings you’re unaware of, and the attic is your spiritual guidance or “higher self.”

Tear it down
During her search for a new path, Jennifer from Richmond, Virginia had the following house dream:

I dreamed that I was in this old house and I came upon a large spider web, with a spider on one end. The web was very large and thick and I wanted to tear it down, but people kept yelling, “No, don’t touch it!” I tore it down anyway. It was very sticky and I felt happy that it was gone.

The old house represents outmoded attitudes and fears that keep her stuck (the sticky spider web). The spider, along with the people wanting to keep the web in place, represent her fear of change. Fortunately, Jennifer overcame this fear and broke free of the past. Her positive feeling at the end of the dream indicates that this change is good for her.

Tips on analyzing your dreams
The following list of suggestions will assist you in working with your dreams.

1. Keep a pad and pen at your bedside

2. Before going to sleep, think about what you’ve been dealing with lately. Chances are, if you’ve been struggling with something specific, your dreams will give you insights about that problem

3. Before falling asleep, repeat to yourself several times, “I will remember my dreams.”

4. Upon waking, immediately record your dream (even if it’s just a fragment)

5. Acknowledge your feelings within the dream and upon waking. These will reveal if you’re on the right track, or if you have some issues you need to resolve

6. Look at the dream as a whole and write down any impressions you get

7. Then look at each element of your dream – the locale, characters, inanimate objects and actions – and record any immediate thoughts that come to mind. These spontaneous musings can be surprisingly accurate interpretations of the symbols

8. Thank your higher self or source, whatever that means to you, for the messages you received through your dreams

Although dreams usually illuminate emotional issues, they can also denote past-lives, premonitions, psychic connections to other people and messages from the dead. Dreams can also come to you as spiritual encouragement and creative inspiration. Working with your dreams, in whatever form they take, will help you on your path.

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April 24, 2009 at 5:00 pm

I am in a foreign country . . . maybe Indonesia but it is dirtier and poorer. Some older, native guy is going to teach me Parcheesi – an ancient Indian board game about strategy and luck – he has all these layers of wooden pieces and boards to teach me with. I think my husband is there. At first I don’t know what the game is.

It kind of looks like checkers but is more involved. Then I see the name written on one of the boards – but it is the Indian spelling (“Pachisi”). I go off to get something (I feel really youthful, maybe even barefoot) – I walk up these wooden steps built into a hill – kind of like the ones a neighbor built for me when I was a kid.

I walk up and talk to some friends. They are on a porch with a darkened house behind them. It feels laid back and beachy, but I have to get back to the guy teaching me Parcheesi. On my way back, I see a little altar built of a coin with a piece of straw made into a knot (kind of like the ones on the street in Indonesia). I think it’s for me and maybe a warning about someone with not good intentions around me.

Next, I am in the parking garage of my job. A friend of mine is going to her car and telling me her consulting went really well for my company with my boss. (In real life, she does not work for us.) I know I have to get back to work.

Suzette in Woodland Hills

Hello Suzette,

You’re most likely dealing with some concerns about money. However, although your dream takes place in a poverty-stricken area, it’s intriguing that the Pachisi was played by royalty in ancient India. Do you feel that prosperity is a mix of “strategy and luck,” as you described the game? That’s actually an excellent way of looking at it! The old man is probably your higher self teaching you about abundance. Perhaps your present situation is teaching you some strategies that will lead to it – with a little luck! The altar made of coin and knotted straw may symbolize being influenced by others’ fear of lack (tied up in knots over money, perhaps? – a prevalent feeling in this economy). The sense of being youthful and barefoot, and the steps from your childhood, symbolize the feeling of starting over and moving upward, one step at a time. Your friend with the consulting job represents encouragement in your own resourcefulness and ability to be successful. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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April 18, 2009 at 5:00 pm

I dreamt I was in a boat by a big lake, and in the middle of the lake was a small island. A castle stood on the island, with three other boats moored nearby. It seemed like every time I got close to the castle, water would start rising and the castle would slowly start going under water, about 10 feet or so. There was no way for me to get to this castle. What does this mean?

Lisa in Sacramento, California

Hello Lisa,

The castle may symbolize an ideal situation you’re striving for, perhaps your ideal home or relationship. Water symbolizes your emotional state. The rising water suggests that you have some emotional issues that keep you from reaching your goal. These issues form a false perception that getting what you want is permanently beyond your reach. Do you feel the goal is too much to ask for? It’s a castle, after all! Or perhaps you feel you don’t deserve the best life has to offer. The castle being on an island means you feel alone in this situation, although the other boats symbolize resources at your disposal that can assist you (friends? therapist? talents you have?). Don’t be afraid to ask for help in attaining the castle, whatever that means for you.

Sweet dreams,

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Dreams: A Childhood Home

April 15, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Visiting your childhood home is a common dream scenario. Such dreams usually occur when you’re dealing with a problem that stems from your upbringing. After all, your childhood is where you developed the foundation of who you are. The traditions, emotional patterns and beliefs you learned while growing up will influence you, for good or for bad, as an adult.

Dreams of your childhood home can reveal an ingrained belief or attitude that is keeping you from manifesting what you want now, like a compatible relationship or success in your work. For instance, if you were taught by your parents not to expect very much from life, you’ll settle for less in your work and relationships as an adult. You may find yourself repeatedly attracting partners who don’t treat you well. To help you resolve this problem and attract someone fabulous, your dreams will present scenarios involving your childhood home that reveal the root of your issue. Working with the symbols and feelings in these dreams will help you eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. When you need help figuring out what  your dream means, call a psychic expert in dream interpretation.

Anna’s dream
Anna from Manila had a compelling dream that illustrates – rather dramatically – that she’s in the process of eliminating some negative childhood patterns, most likely in preparation for marriage. She writes:

I had a dream about flying back to my childhood home, which seemed bigger than it really is. I went to each room and flew all over, saying to some unseen beings, “Get out, get out and never come back!” I repeated that for each of the rooms until I was done with the whole house. What surprised me about the dream was that it seemed so natural for me to fly and that it all seemed so real. I usually have a sense of knowing that I am dreaming or asleep as I dream. I didn’t feel tired at all, and in fact was so satisfied at the end. This dream was immediately followed by a dream about looking at three wedding gown designs and each of the designs had different grooms associated with them.

The unseen beings in Anna’s house were actually ingrained beliefs from childhood that she’s dispelling from her psyche. The fact that the house was bigger than she remembered indicates the enormous influence these beliefs have over her life – more than she’d thought, actually. What’s so impressive was the feeling of power and confidence with which she exorcised these “ghosts.” So satisfying!

Also, dreams that are clustered together are messages about the same concern. For Anna, the dreams of the house and the wedding gowns were part of the same message, which was to free herself of the past so she can choose a mate who’s right for her.

An important element of Anna’s dream was her effort to purge every room. Each room of a house represents a different part of your life, so Anna was quite thorough in banishing every negative element of the past. If you have a dream that focuses on your childhood kitchen, for instance, you may be exploring issues you have with food. Dreams of your bedroom can reveal concerns about privacy or intimacy, while the living room represents everyday family patterns. The attic symbolizes your higher consciousness, like your spiritual beliefs, while the basement reveals hidden, unconscious factors from your past that influence you today.

How you feel
Also, pay special attention to how you felt in the dream, which will reveal more clues about the dream’s message. As with Anna, positive feelings indicate you feel empowered in resolving the past. Or you may just be revisiting the love and support you received while growing up. On the other hand, negative feelings indicate you’re struggling with something that stems from your childhood. Meditation, therapy and, especially dream analysis, will help you move forward so you can achieve your aspirations.

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April 11, 2009 at 5:00 pm

I had a dream of a piebald horse and a ginger-colored horse. One was sick, I think it was the ginger one. I was feeding it a bran mixture and it improved before my eyes. The piebald horse was well.

Sophia (a Virgo) in Wales

Hello Sophia,

Horses can symbolize endurance. How’s your energy level? You indicated you’re a Virgo, so Saturn has been hovering around your Sun for some time now. This can be a depleting influence unless you take care of yourself. Literally, the dream may be indicating that you need more bran in your diet. What’s more, the colors of the two horses were ginger and piebald – kind of points to a message about food, doesn’t it? Also, Virgo is the sign of the healer. Perhaps the dream is encouraging you to use your healing ability to help people or animals. Hope that gives you some clues to think about!

Sweet dreams,

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