Soul Friends

August 18, 2010 at 5:00 pm

“Soul friends” are among life’s greatest gifts, partly because soul friendships just aren’t as fraught with challenges as “soul mate” relationships can be.

True soulmates often have to overcome obstacles like family disapproval, substance abuse, early life traumas leading to emotional problems, existing marriages and even careless indifference on the part of one mate.

But soul friends always seem to appear magically just when you need them most. When no one understands or supports you, when you’re facing a challenge you don’t think you can handle alone, that’s when a soul friend will show up, just in time, with exactly what you need.

How can you recognize a soul friend?

Usually when you meet them, something inside of you smiles and says, “There you are! I’ve been waiting for you to appear!” That sense of delight and recognition happens for two reasons: first, because soul friends are almost always people you’ve known and cared about in many prior lifetimes, and second, because the two of you got together before you incarnated this time and decided when, where, how and why you’d meet, so you truly have been expecting them, and they you.

And soul friendships are always balanced. You’re there to help, motivate, support and unconditionally love each other equally, and, over time, you find you always receive as much as you give. Yeah, you’re both human, and occasionally there can be friction, but it rarely lasts.

Another giveaway that someone is a soul friend is that they understand something about you that no one else understands. You’ve been teased all your life for being too emotional? Your soul friend is either just as sensitive or sees your sensitivity as a gift that they admire and respect. Or you’re mystical and psychic, but from a family of pragmatists, and married to a pragmatist, and suddenly a soul friend who has even more far-out gifts than yours makes a special effort to meet and befriend you just when you’re about to go through major life changes.

There’s another kind of soul friend who isn’t as pleasant to acknowledge, although if you look back, you’ll probably remember having that same sense of recognition when you first encountered each other. This soul friend sees through your facades (i.e. also really understands you), and prods you to learn and grow by challenging your beliefs or pointing out where you’re achieving less than you can. This kind of soul friend pushes your buttons and sometimes makes you mad, but somehow you still admire and respect them. You even find yourselves motivated by the same kinds of goals, and discover you’re on the same page regarding what needs to be done so often it’s uncanny.

Soul friendships can begin in high school or grade school and continue throughout your life, or they can last just a few months or weeks before they’ve run their course. They can be in your age group, or much younger or older. Soul friends are sometimes lovers who help you recover from a divorce or abuse. Or you meet in a situation which requires exactly the skills and gifts that you have as a team, and you find yourselves working creative and/or organizational miracles, producing more work together than any ten individuals could do alone, and having an absolute blast while you’re doing it.

Soul friendships seem almost always to involve service, too, and often soul friends help each other clear karma by doing service projects together. You and your best friend from high school end up being the people everyone in your small town turns to for help and advice. Or perhaps a number of soul friends meet and are jointly inspired to create or expand an organization that serves a very timely need for hundreds or even thousands of people, helping others evolve or learn important new skills.

Soul friend relationships are life-affirming, positive and growth-oriented. They incorporate healing, expansion, inspiration and a sense of connection and bone-deep mutual understanding that is priceless. When you’re with a soul friend, your horizons expand, you realize that there’s more to you than you thought, and you suddenly discover you have more than enough energy, hope and motivation to meet any challenge life sends your way. And even when a soul friendship is short-lived, you’ll remember that friend with a smile for the rest of your life.

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Tame Your Nightmares

August 15, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Kelly in Charlotte, North Carolina asks:

Sometimes I have nightmares, or vivid dreams resulting in a “knowing,” but they are random at best. How do I facilitate a dialog and keep the communication going during my dreams? Meditation doesn’t seem to work for me. (I fall asleep).

Psychic Marin responds:

In ancient times, dreams were recognized as a method for communicating with the gods. Even dream temples were erected with “incubation rooms,” which would house an individual for an evening in a sacred space adorned with divine images conducive to prolific dreaming.

In modern times, we turn to dream dictionaries and books about dreaming to get advice on the meaning of dreams. Unfortunately, there is no catch-all guide suitable for everyone, as different life experiences and programing can affect the meaning of certain objects that appear in one’s dreams. For example, a large, slithering snake may mean something different for you than for someone who was bitten by a snake as a child or someone pursuing a career in the study of reptiles. Personal experiences and previous associations can have meanings that are uniquely yours. If you are struggling with a particular repetitive image in a dream and you seek clarity, several psychics at California Psychics specialize in dream analysis, coupled with clairvoyant skills, to actually “see” your dreams and interpret their meaning.

Dreams have different categories. Some images can tally daily events, while others can be unconscious explorations of life path choices and soul relationships. There are dreams that offer solutions, premonitions and angelic messages during peaceful slumber. Then there are the daunting and confusing nightmares that leave a wake of night tremors and feelings of emptiness. Not only do these nightmares jolt you out of a sound sleep and leave you unsettled, the images and memories may haunt you for days or even years after the experience. This leads to confusion and the gnawing need to understand the dream’s significance. It is easy to banish the nightmares once we understand what the images represent.

Psychologist Carl Jung developed a technique called “active imagination.” Using this tool, you will be able to recall images from your dreams and address them to unveil their deeper meaning. This healthy method for processing your dreams leaves you feeling relief from haunting nightmares and can return your sleep patterns to normal.

1. Sit quietly with a dimmed light. You may choose to light a candle.

2. Visualize your most recent dream or nightmare. It could be a dream that frightened you, a dream in which you were being chased, or a dream in which you were shot and felt the bullet enter you. What haunting nightmare do you want to address?

3. Next, you are going to talk to another being in your dream. This could be another human, an animal, a lake or even an alien. It is amazing what communicates with us in our dreams!

4. If you’re running in your dream, stop immediately and ask the chaser, “Why are you chasing me?” Wait for the answer. If you’re being locked away, ask, “What have I done to deserve this treatment?” Drowning in a lake? Ask the lake why your life is ending so soon. You get the idea.

5. Do not interrupt the answer with your thoughts. Simply ask in a very firm and direct manor, and listen for the response. If you do not receive a response, allow the dream to freeze or fall into slow motion until you get a response.

6. After you’ve successfully communicated during this practice session, the next step is actually performing this same exercise while you are actually dreaming, unconsciously.

7. Prior to going to bed, tell yourself that you will communicate with the beings that appear in your dreams. Program your mind before falling asleep so your brain remembers to intercept and help you clarify any confusing images or hidden meanings.

8. When you wake up, immediately take the opportunity to reflect upon your dreams while the visual imagery is as fresh as possible. A dream journal can be a useful tool for documenting obstacles that you are attempting to overcome, and later a measure of your growth and progress.

9. Learn to become aware of your dreams.

When taking control of your dreams in this manner, you will typically notice that the bogey man doesn’t get you. Instead, he decreases in size or runs away. This perception of size and shrinking imagery is significant. It is actually an indication of fears shrinking, as you are gaining a greater sense of control and purpose in your life.

“I have had dreams, and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams.”

–Jonas Salk


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Your Numerology Forecast

August 15, 2010 at 4:00 pm

It pays to remember the gifts and advantages of current numerology as most of us continue to be pushed and prodded by intense astrological influences.

Even the grimmest of circumstances can be lightened if you tune in to the sheer joy of living that is the hallmark of our Universal 3 Year. 3 grants everyone a boost in adaptability, creativity, communication skills, charm, grace and happiness!

This Monday and Friday, when you’re feeling the effects of go-overboard Jupiter and deep, dark Pluto in challenging relationship with the planet most resistant to change, Saturn, try this: rather than getting even more tense, recite limericks to your office mates, or dance barefoot in the park during your lunch break, or have drinks and hors d’oeuvres at the ritziest place in town. Lift a glass of champagne to celebrate life and its many complexities, and let recent challenges and complications go hang for a couple of hours!

The rest of the time, in addition to coping with astrological tremors in the status quo, prepare yourself for another three-week Mercury retrograde, which begins Friday. Since this one’s in Virgo, be sure to get your Virgo chores like making lists, backing up your computer, and taking care of travel and health-related communications done early in the week.

Monday: Let compassionate, selfless 9 help you navigate today’s conflicting energies, and don’t forget to apply 9’s tolerant wisdom to your own foibles, as well as others’.

Tuesday: The natural, upbeat enthusiasm of this Universal 1 Day can lift your spirits and renew your vitality and sense of purpose.

Wednesday: Step back and let today’s visionary Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) help you get a glimpse of possibilities that exist beyond your normal, day-to-day reality. You may discover magical solutions to current conflicts.

Thursday: This is a great day to try one of the stress-busting activities suggested in this week’s introduction. A Universal 3 Day is an opportunity for delight, so celebrate!

Friday: A dreamlike quality casts a haze over this normally practical, purposeful Universal 4 Day, with added confusion and errors triggered by Mercury retrograde. Relationships can be powerfully enchanting, but you may want to wait for the momentary glamor to fade before you act on your impulse.

Saturday: Today you have the double whammy of a 14/5 Karma Day (1+4=5), with its intensely transformational, structure-changing intent, plus a planetary clash between restrictive, set-in-cement Saturn, and Pluto, harbinger of profound and lasting change. Use this 3 Year’s creativity, and the visionary capacities of the 11/2 Month, to help you make the most of an opportunity for real transformation.

Sunday: You probably are still vibrating with the aftereffects of a crazy week, so let this Universal 6 Day’s natural harmony and ease gently soothe your worry and tension.

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Finding Closure in Dreams

August 14, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Diana in Oshawa, Canada writes:

In my dream, I see my deceased husband sitting in the bleachers. I have died, leaving a pile of clothes behind. I look down, thinking, I’m now gone, so I don’t have to think of those left behind. Someone above tells me it’s okay to choose a partner, so I pick my husband. In real life, it has been three-and-a-half years since he died suddenly. I miss him deeply, and had no closure because we separated three months before he died, after 26 years together. We loved each other deeply. It’s such a long story . . .

Hello Diana,

I’m sorry you never had any closure with your husband before he died. That can leave an enormous hole in one’s heart. It’s interesting that you took the viewpoint of the deceased in your dream. The clothing you left behind is a reminder that you can leave behind your feelings of grief, guilt, pain–whatever you’re feeling–and move on, similar to someone who has died leaves behind their old life.

That’s probably what your husband has done: released the negativity between you so that only the love remains. Forgiveness is the key. If you can forgive your husband for any pain he caused you, while forgiving yourself for the pain you caused him, you’ll have closure without him having to be there with you. You can also speak to him and ask for closure. You might not hear a response (unless it’s in a dream), but he will hear you. Most important, he knows you love him. Nothing else matters.

Sweet dreams,


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Change Karmic Patterns

August 11, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Do you find yourself repeatedly faced with the same problems? You always give too much, you usually get cheated on, you’re never satisfied by lovers or by friends or by family members. While it’s easy to search for someone or something external to blame, the key to changing your predicament isn’t in anyone else’s hands. The universe presents us with problems so we can learn from them. Until we do just that, altering our motivations and behaviors accordingly, we’re bound to stay in what you could call a lesson loop.

Unfortunately, that loop often renders us overwhelmed and blind to the roles we play in our own problems. But with just a little adjustment, you can cut through your own BS and get to the heart of the matter, where change begins.

1. Center yourself
With the constant connection of our current culture, it’s almost impossible to unplug from technology, and yet we’re all frequently disconnected from ourselves. This disconnection prevents us from achieving our own highest good.

To affect change, you’ll need to take some quiet time. Designate a (tech free) hour for yourself, even if it means asking for the house (or at least a room) to yourself. Take a bath or shower. Breathe deeply and absorb the silence. Focus on fostering positive change. Tonight is your night to reclaim the reins in your life. That choice alone should subtly soothe you.

2. Enumerate your issues
Now that you’re calm and collected, it’s time to make friends with your journal. Write in whatever form you feel: a list, a diatribe, bullet points. The idea is to name the problems that have been plaguing you, so you can address things head-on, rather than letting them overwhelm you.

Do you always feel like you’re drowning, with too much to do and all of it half done? Is there a lingering sense of dissatisfaction professionally, where you just can’t seem to get ahead, no matter where you go? Are you consistently let down by your lover and left feeling uninterested, clingy, or worse, always looking for a way out? Do you push people away?

Whatever your particular problems, enumerate them. You may feel spent afterward, or you may feel energized. Focus on the latter, reminding yourself that this is positive proactivity taking charge.

3. Analyze your issues
With your issues in front of you, look for common threads. For instance, are your work and love lives presenting you with similar dilemmas about not being recognized or giving too much? If so, is there a way to combine them into one overarching issue for which you take responsibility? Here are some samples:

* I select partners and friends who are damaged, because I, too, feel damaged.

* I expect people to abandon me, so I push them away (with demands or complaints or whatever) until they do.

* I bend over backwards, going above and beyond to make people love me, then resent them when they don’t do the same for me.

4. Map your alternative
Using each of your assessments above as a springboard for the way you want to feel in these situations, change your assessments to intentions.

* I want to be engaged in a loving, healthy relationship with a fulfilled, whole person.

* I want to experience intimacy with someone loving who stays.

* I want to stop feeling let down all the time.

Now, how can you achieve your goals? Be the change you seek.

* I will foster my own growth by taking time for myself and working on building my strengths and diminishing my weaknesses. This way, I will attract people who mirror the “me” I am striving to be.

* I will take a chance and be vulnerable instead of pushing people away.

* I will stop expecting so much and work on building my confidence so I don’t feel the need to try so hard or demand so much as proof of my worth.

Armed with your set of intentions, formed from the inside, you will make your first steps toward forming new, positive patterns. Change won’t happen overnight. It will require consistent engagement and the willingness to regularly reassess yourself. But if you commit, it will happen.

Why? Because only you can choose to feed your spiritual demons once you’ve learned to recognize them creeping up. And eventually, you will move past the stage of turning your critical eye on yourself and into a place where you easily absorb the instructions being so artfully offered by the natural order – where your highest good is always the goal.

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Astrology Combined with Tarot

August 10, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Leo, your sign is shown in your beautiful primary card. “Strength,” number 11 in the Major Arcana. It depicts the “Heart of the Lion,” the star Regulus, as a woman/goddess with her hands gently closing the mouth of the lion. The “heart” has overcome the primal survival urges of the “animal within” and is bringing forth the heroic courage of the lion/lioness. Regulus requires that you be in touch with your own rich power represented by the goddess’s tenderness in closing the mouth of the lion. So when you experience unkindness from others who are apparently jealous of your position or others’ admiration of you, stay grounded in your self-confidence and offer strength and wisdom rather than vengeance: a true expression of Leo’s leadership qualities.

While we often hear of the great Nordic Thunder/Sky God Thor (related to Jupiter and Thursday, or Thor’s Day), we hear less often about his powerful goddess wife, Thrud, who “owned the land” on which he lived. Thrud also means “strength.” Many ancient goddesses were portrayed taming lions or riding lions, often partnered with great sky gods. Daughter of Jupiter, Pallas-Athena, is also a symbol of strength and wisdom, and is the goddess of the great ancient city, Athens. Another way to read this is that Leo’s strength, for males or females, lies in the solid, earthy foundation of knowing the True Self at your core.

The various elements and ruler of Leo reflected in the tarot are also important to any view of your future. Your sign ruler, the Sun, is aptly reflected in the Tarot Major Arcana card number 19, “The Sun.” This card shows a joyous and triumphant child on the back of a horse with four sunflowers and the sun shining behind it in the Rider-Waite deck, or a pair of children in a sacred garden of rebirth, in Barbara G. Walker’s deck. In either case, the card is a very appropriate image of Leo and its related 5th house of children and creativity. It is reflective of our being born of the “Primordial Soup” where our universe was born. Leo, your creativity shines brightly, whether through your children and your devoted nurturing to them or through artistic ideas, business ideas and other works.

Leo as the Sun, the Great and Wise Performer: Tarot readers are quite familiar with The Major Arcana that evolved from a human view of the heavens: astrology. Remnants of the ancient parades/pageants that honored these card/gods/goddesses appear through such carnivals/parades as New Orleans’s Mardi Gras and “Carnivales” the world over, including Venice and Rio. Even clowns and other features of the circus, comedies and dramas evolved from these “pagan” events also hidden in the Tarot. These pageants, particularly during the Dark Ages in Europe, are how ancient wisdom and its related powerful energies were conveyed to the masses, not educated in a standard sense, but who were taught by their elders regarding the natural, seemingly magical functions that supported their life and well-being. By disguising the wisdom of the Tarot in comedy, it was preserved in another form.

This “hiding of the knowledge” was absolutely necessary during the era before the Renaissance. At that time, the practitioners knew that their clandestine information would cause them to be tortured, even murdered. As we likely know, this also has taken place since the Renaissance in cultures around the world in various forms, up to this day when belief systems clash. It took true heroism to enact these pageants. So, Leo, you are the great creative performer expressing both your inner wisdom and the courage to make it available to others.

As you are a fire sign, the “wands” suit, now clubs in our playing decks, reflects your energies. In fact, Wands number 5 is related to those born July 22 to August 1, Wands number 6 corresponds to your chart if you were born August 2 to 11, and for those of you born from August 12 to 21/22, your card is the number 7 of Wands. Please see our weekly blog addressing your personal decanate of Leo.

Here’s more good news, heroic Leo: Today in the developed world we can explore the Tarot and astrology subjects freely and locate and interpret texts ignored for centuries. We can find if it is pertinent to us, descendants of the gifted people who developed these wisdoms.

While the Rider-Waite deck is excellent, historian and author Barbara G. Walker has spent many years researching ancient texts not generally available. She has developed her own Tarot deck based on these studies, and it’s worth examining and incorporating for anyone who loves using the Tarot. So, a recommendation might be to study her deck and related book in addition to the Rider-Waite deck. An even easier approach would be to contact our wonderful psychics, likeĀ Shauna ext. 9010, who are knowledgeable in both the Tarot and Astrology and can provide an excellent reading if you are intrigued with this combination.

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Your Numerology Forecast

August 8, 2010 at 5:00 pm

The sensitive, diplomatic, and visionary attributes of this Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) Universal Month will continue to open our minds and hearts this week to the possibility of a better future. However, the increased vulnerability that makes 11/2’s gifts possible may also create some stress and disorientation, particularly for those of us who usually ignore subtler messages and impulses by staying focused on practical, everyday matters. But if you respond to the stress as a signal that it’s time to pause briefly and become fully aware of your thoughts and your surroundings, you could make some remarkable and life-changing discoveries.

Recent astrological intensity probably won’t ease much this week, but things should gradually become less chaotic as Uranus, the planet of freedom and disruption, moves back into Pisces on Friday the 13th for a brief, final visit. The exception will be for those born in late Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, or Sagittarius, or who have planets there, and who might have been thinking that their recent storms had finally passed.

Monday: The double influence of a Master Number 11/2 Day in an 11/2 Month could make it very difficult to stay practical, but why bother? The New Moon in Leo makes this an ideal day for dreaming, for turning your attention to your inner landscape and unearthing magical ideas and possibilities you usually overlook.

Tuesday: While we have to work harder to project the seemingly effortless charm and creative panache that Universal 3 Days usually make easy, the effort may well pay off with some truly extraordinary and unique results.

Wednesday: This Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) Day can operate like a lightning rod for the highly charged transformational energies generated by the combination of this 11/2 month and recent astrology. Apply your originality, personal will, and communications skills to building a new future.

Thursday: The combination of a freethinking Universal 5 Day and a Void of Course Moon which lasts till nearly 4 pm Pacific Time could tempt you to play hooky. Sometimes it’s better to cut yourself some slack so you can return to work refreshed and recharged, and today could be one of those days.

Friday: TGIF! Time to gather close friends and family to celebrate the end of the work week. Reconnect with your personal community and remind yourself that life’s most enduring gifts come from the links that grace our lives with love, friendship, and trust.

Saturday: It will require some concentration to make use of today’s subtle blend of energies, but the combination of this brainy 7 Day and Uranus the reformer’s re-entry into dreamy Pisces will allow you to explore inner or outer universes for startling and life-changing discoveries.

Sunday: While you may feel like you’re struggling upstream to accomplish what you know is possible on this take-charge Universal 8 Day, keep at it. Harness the pressure-cooker energy of tomorrow’s challenging encounter between expansive Jupiter and dour, restrictive Saturn, and you’ll be amazed at the results!


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Swimming in Black Waters

August 8, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Julia from Los Angeles, CA writes:

Hi Cortney,

I recently had a vivid dream about rivers containing black waters that started to run through the world. Some rivers were calm, while others were choppy, like the waves in the ocean. People quickly adapted to these black waters and resumed their usual water-sport activities in them. Although the majority enjoyed the unusually colored waters, I remember the distinct fear I felt looking at the ominous black liquid, and yet at the same time, I was immensely curious.

Suddenly, I was on a train and heard a rumor that if the water is calm, a person can actually stand on it. After hearing that, I looked out the window and to my amazement I saw that indeed a family of three was on top of the calm black waters, playing Frisbee with each other, happy as they can be. As I continued to puzzle over my inexplicable fears, I saw a dear ex-co-worker of mine speaking to a small group of people nearby, stating that no one should be in those waters because there are in fact huge snakes and other dangerous creatures lurking about.

This dream had an impact with me as it felt so real even after the fact. Can you tell me what black waters can possibly symbolize and why I was so afraid of them? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello Julia,

It seems you’re exploring–from a distance–the subterranean levels of the psyche. Water symbolizes the emotions and the unconscious, while the color black symbolizes the unknown, secretiveness, power or negativity. If you put these two symbols together you get a dream about the mysteries and perils of one’s inner life.

The dangerous creatures represent the danger of allowing negativity to rule one’s life. You witnessed people “swimming” in the blackness, unaware of what was going on inside them and around them. They just got used to living with anger, resentment, envy and such. Some people were content to live on the surface, never exploring the depth of their inner world. You can get used to living that way, too, at least until you’re forced to confront your emotional issues. That’s when calm waters become turbulent.

Your fear of the blackness suggests a resistance to facing your “shadow” self, which is the dark side of your psyche (everyone has one!). Emotional exploration and healing will help conquer any pesky “creatures” inside you, so you swim in clearer waters.

Sweet dreams,

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