4 Steps to Find Balance

July 28, 2011 at 5:00 am

Dr. Phil might have one of the best phrases I’ve ever heard,“How’s that working for you?” I’ve used that phrase so many times when a friend guiltily explains how they haven’t dealt with a situation and wished they had or could. I usually throw in Dr. Phil’s famous five words. Although my friends love me and I love them, this phrase is my little reality slap in the face that some folks need. Stop letting life control you, and take control!

As Psychic Giovanna points out, when you’re in the middle of chaos, that is a great time to figure what’s going on. Don’t wait until you’re out of chaos, because that may take forever or be too late. Take a few moments, and stop to refocus where you want to go.

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Welcome Angel Energy With Gemstones

July 27, 2011 at 5:00 am

Crystals to Enhance Angelic Communication and Messages

Exploration of the angelic realm is open to everyone; angels are not exclusive to any particular belief system. It’s said that everyone has at least two angels who stay with you throughout your life. Setting the intention to work with angelic energy brings even more angels by your side.

Gemstones may help you send and receive angelic messages. Some have very high vibrations in tune with angelic energy. A few of these special gemstones are listed below. (Note that several of these gemstones, such as celestite and selenite, should be kept away from water and direct sunlight.)


Celestite’s sparkly light grey to medium blue appearance validates the appropriateness of a name meaning celestial or heavenly. Read More

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Get Grounded Now: Grounding and Mindfulness

July 23, 2011 at 5:00 am

Stay in the Now

Being mindful of our surroundings and staying grounded isn’t as easy to achieve as we might think. But grounding is extremely important and can be used as a tool to reduce or eliminate stress. Whether we just lost our job or ended a meaningful relationship, knowing how to get grounded in high stress scenarios can be a great help. Being mindful with our actions is important as well and we can improve our personal interactions with others if we are present in the moment. Everyone has heard about living in the moment or seizing the day, but how many of us actually practice this daily? Here’s how to get grounded and become more mindful in your everyday experiences.

Breathe Deeply

Believe it or not, breathing techniques are essential when you are trying to ground yourself. Try sitting in a chair with your arms placed directly on your lap and the balls of your feet placed directly on the ground. By placing your feet directly on the ground you will begin to feel more connected to your surroundings and the actions taking place. Close your eyes and breath tiny short breathes in through the nose, approximately ten to fifteen times. Repeat again three times. You will feel a sense of relaxation and calm after breathing in this manner. Use this technique whenever you are going through periods of high stress and anxiety as it will help reduce symptoms. Read More

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Red Responds: Protect Yourself from a Psychic Attack

July 23, 2011 at 5:00 am

Angie from Washington D.C. asks:

Hi, Red! I’ve been wondering about something. I’ve been on a fast track with my spirit guides. I love them—Jack, Steven and Daisey! Over the past four years or so, I have become more and more spiritually aware. I’ve had readings, using my own cards, runes and pendulum. I love the feeling of being so connected with the spirits. I meditate everyday, give thanks and pray. I just have so many psychics coming at me for readings, and all of the messages suggest that they know just what is going on in my life now. Word for word they all describe what is going on… am I under psychic attack?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Angie,

While it does look like you are on a developmental path, I’m not seeing anything going on with you or around you that I would classify as a “psychic attack.” However, my interpretation of a psychic attack falls in the darker, heavier energies of maliciousness, not just unasked for communications and presences. Read More

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How to Recognize Someone From a Past Life

July 22, 2011 at 5:00 am

Learn to recognize signs that you were connected to someone in a past life. Trust your intuition to recognize past-life prompts. In his book Journey of Souls, hypnotherapist Michael Newton explains how he discovered, through past-life regressions of his clients, that we each have a circle of souls that we choose to reincarnate with from each life to the next. However, because most memories from past lives are unconscious, we need triggers to remind us who these people are and to help us recognize them when we meet again on Earth.

Recognition Class

Newton hypnotized his clients to the time between lives to see how the plans for the next life are created. With the help of guides in the spirit world, we choose the major events of our next life and decide how certain people and places will play into our plan. The last thing we must do just before coming back to Earth in human form is attend our “recognition class.” Read More

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Mr. Right is Looking for You

July 21, 2011 at 5:00 am

If you’re looking for Mr. Right, your true love or soulmate, doesn’t it stand to reason he is looking for you? As Psychic Elijah ext. 5211 states in the video: “If I’m a loving spirit, I’m going to attract loving spirits.” What kind of energy are you putting out there? Because if your Mr. Right is a loving spirit and you’re sending out “I’m desperate for anyone to love me” energy, then you won’t find him.

OK, maybe you’re not desperate (or at least not sending out that kind of energy), but you’re still not attracting what you want. Have you followed Elijah’s other words of wisdom? Have you opened your heart “…to the opportunities and possibilities of romance?”

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Protecting Us From Ourselves With Hematite

July 20, 2011 at 5:00 am

Come Back to Earth With Grounding Hematite

What can you do if you’re not feeling present in your life? Those who are natural empaths are tuned in to other’s vibrations, but often without being aware of it. Others may be accessing higher vibrations through meditation, lucid dreaming, or other techniques, which could leave them feeling disconnected from day-to-day life. Others may feel unsteady due to stressful life events. Working with hematite is an excellent way to get grounded.

Hematite’s main component is iron, which is known for strength and stability. Hematite looks like steel when polished, and also has magnetic properties. Among ancient cultures from the Greeks to Native Americans, hematite was used for strength, endurance, and protection before battle. Interestingly, the ancient Romans connected hematite with Mars, the god of war, and in 2004, the Mars rover discovered vast hematite deposits on the planet Mars. Read More

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Overcome Your Worst Fear

July 19, 2011 at 5:00 am

The single fear held by more people than any other is not a fear of snakes or spiders, of open or closed spaces, or of dentists or air travel. It’s not even the fear of dying.

For almost four decades, research polls investigating fears have revealed that the number one fear is… public speaking. People are more terrified of giving eulogies at funerals than of being the person eulogized!

Public speaking is so incredibly important in our lives. Whether giving a presentation at school or at work, or just trying to talk with a new potential romantic interest, being able to speak comfortably is a social must. And yet, for many people, the fear of public speaking can cause perspiration, forgetfulness, dry mouth, an upset stomach, and even vomiting. Read More

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