Spirit Visits: Crossing the Veil

October 25, 2015 at 12:00 am

 Have You Experienced Spirit Visits?

Mysteriously, without even being chased or invoked, it seems that sometimes spirits dissolve the veil between the living and the deceased. Through my own experience, I have discovered that after speaking about the departed with one living person, or several people, magic happens. Somehow, the combination of two or more living beings reminiscing about the dead appears to call them forth in a very innocent and benign way. Almost like a devotional practice, we are inviting them to be in our thoughts and energy fields. Unconsciously, we are calling them to us, and sometimes they are able to respond.

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A Biblical Reference

The Bible articulates a phenomenon that might be used to understand this concept with deeper insight. The New American Standard 1977 Bible says, “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst.” If the realm of the sacred is the home of the deceased, then speaking of the deceased in company may have the effect of summoning the sacred parts of their beings—the soul, spirit or Higher Self. This subtle element of the departed self may attempt to contact us when we, as living beings, cross that veil. Some ways we might achieve this are through meditation, prayer, devotional practices, and sleep, when we enter the Otherworld, across the veil and into our dreams.

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Crystals and Auras: Life in Colour

October 18, 2015 at 12:00 am

Colors, Auras and Crystal Energy

Colour has always been important to me and I have formed a special relationship with it. As a child, friends would be impressed and fascinated that I could reach for the coloured crayon I wanted without even glancing up. Numbers and letters would exude energy of a distinct and individual colour. This synesthesia was not limited to numbers and letters and I was able to feel the colours of the people around me. These auras would be as unique as the person they surrounded.

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The Colours of Loved Ones

My best friend shone bright kelly green: the colour of leprechauns, fairy mischief and all things Irish. My grandmother, a vivacious redhead, emanated a delightful warm shade of dove grey that could sharpen to steel when she was determined or challenged. My grandfather radiated a cheerful orange that spoke of optimism, hope and humour. This vibrant orange would fade to a softer peach when he was tired or thoughtful.

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Psychic Helps Caller Rearrange and Re-Sort Her Relationship

October 17, 2015 at 12:00 am

Relationship Issues and Your Higher Self

My approach to helping clients with relationship issues is to tune into the Higher Self of each party (including the children, if any) in order to give voice to all the perspectives on the situation that are available. A reading can provide useful options to the client, especially when what’s in the foreground and background of the client’s awareness can be re-sorted so they can rearrange their approach to a current challenge.

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A Potential Affair

Suzanne (not her real name) hoped that beginning her first affair would offer her the excitement missing in her 20-year marriage. My reading revealed (much to Suzanne’s dismay) that her husband, who was on the road for his sales job, had remained faithful to her and did not have a girlfriend as Suzanne had hoped. She was hoping to use this information to justify an affair of her own .

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Psychic Barbie Helped a Client in an Unhealthy Relationship

February 10, 2015 at 12:00 am

Walking Away From an Unhealthy Relationship

Working to help a client have the courage to walk way from an unhealthy relationship or marriage can be a challenge for all involved, including the psychic. I have a client who called about her husband. He was attending a ballgame with family, got really drunk and disappeared. His wife said she searched for him at the stadium for a while before going home with her father for the night. When she returned home the next morning, she found her husband home with four strange men. They couldn’t recall how they got to her house.

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This woman explained to me that her husband had gone to treatment for his alcohol addiction, but he didn’t complete the course. She asked me how she could overcome this. I told her that I would first look at what was in her future. In her reading, the strength card came up. I explained to her that it was important for her to be strong. She needed to take the steps to show her husband that she would not tolerate his behavior. She needed to get out of this unhealthy relationship.

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Psychic Red Flags: Curses and Spells

November 22, 2014 at 12:00 am

Curses and Spells Are Not Part of a Legitimate Psychic Reading!

Someone has placed a curse on you! You are the victim of a malicious spell! Does this sound familiar to you? It does to me and over the past six months I’ve had numerous callers contact me worried that they are under some sort of horrific curse or spell. And why do they think they’ve been cursed? A psychic told them! They may have thought they were talking to a legitimate psychic, but who they were really giving their money to was a person who took advantage of them during a vulnerable and very difficult time in their lives. These people aren’t legitimate psychics; they’re scam artists! Curses and spells are not part of a legitimate psychic reading!

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Here are some of the warning signs that someone claiming to be a psychic is trying to scam you:

1. They lure you in with accurate information. The scam artist gains your trust by luring your in with detailed and accurate information. When they feel like they’ve convinced you of their abilities, they move on to discuss the curses and spells placed on you. These people often do have genuine psychic abilities, but they use their gifts to manipulate clients and take them to a dark place.

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Psychic Giovanna: How Psychics Tune Into Your Loved Ones

September 24, 2014 at 12:00 am

Psychics Help You Change Your Relationships

Many of you who are reading this have already spoken to some of the advisors at California Psychics in order to understand how the people around you are thinking and feelings about life situations and the relationships they have with you. But how is it that your psychic knows them so well, having never met them? How is it that we can tap into a person’s thoughts and feelings so skillfully? How do psychics read other people for their callers?

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Your Reading is Unique

As psychics, we have a multitude of seasoned skills and talents to rely on and we uniquely tailor them to each caller. For example, some of us use Tarot. Others rely on your birth date or the spelling of your full name. And me? I just need your first name and the first name of the person you’re calling about along with the question you’d like answered before I tune in to the other person and give you your unique reading.

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