Sexually Adventurous: Is a Menage a Trois for You?

March 12, 2015 at 12:00 am

 Menage a Trois the Right Way!

Recently, I’ve had several clients ask me if bringing a third partner into the bedroom could spice up their relationship. We’re talking about a menage a trois or threesome. Having sex with two partners at once is a fantasy that many people in committed, loving relationship have, but don’t often carry out. For those who do, a world of unexpected events easily unfolds with rapid and unstable results if the necessary steps aren’t taken in advance of their night of pleasure. If you, or you and your partner are considering a menage a trois, you should definitely read this first.

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Interpreting Your Request

When you ask your partner about having a menage a trois, here’s how they could misinterpret your words:

1. They don’t please you the way you wanted to be pleased.

2. You’re bored with the relationship.

3. You’re looking for a new sexual partner, and they can either get on board with this and be part of it, or you’ll leave them.

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Why You Need Fantasy

March 11, 2015 at 12:00 am

Do You Have an Active Fantasy Life?

Do you need fantasy in your life to be happy and healthy? Let’s think about that for a moment. Fantasy is basically another word for imagination and self-discovery. It offers the opportunity to test out alternate choices and actions in your life, while attempting to predict how these choices might progress if given the chance to become a reality. According to surveys, we often fantasize about new sexual partners, kinky sex positions, and getting back at the people who have done us wrong.

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Your fantasies are quite revealing, and many of your darkest fantasies could reveal things about you that make you feel anxious or guilty. So what do a lot of people do with their fantasies? They bury them like a dirty secret—something to be fearful and ashamed of. Unfortunately, if you were to truly stamp out all the fantasy in your life, the result would be a life full of monotony and boredom. This is why you really do need a little fantasy in your life.

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5 Tips for Your New Career

March 10, 2015 at 12:00 am

New Career Confidence Tips

If you’re looking for a brand new job or starting a brand new career, you’ll need to be prepared. But what do you need to do? Has the job market changed since you were last looking for a job? Honestly, you’re probably more prepared than you think.

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Whether you’re switching careers by choice or being thrust into a job due to necessity, remember this: Starting over takes guts and you’ve got what it takes. Now, let’s run through some new career tips so you can enter the job market at your best and with complete confidence.

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Your LOVECAST®: Tempers Erupt

March 9, 2015 at 12:00 am

Your Love Horoscope

Sexy Mars in Aries connecting with fiery Jupiter in Leo energizes passion on Monday, but connections to Uranus and Pluto will cause tempers to erupt midweek. Mercury entering Pisces on Thursday (through March 29) can evoke your sensitivity or elusiveness during discussions. The last-quarter Moon in Sagittarius arouses adventurousness on Friday, while Moon in Capricorn brings love back down to earth this weekend. Best days for socializing: Any day this week except Wednesday. Here’s your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

You’re ready to rock ’n’ roll at the start of the week as your Mars ruler dances with expansive Jupiter, but you’ll need to be mindful of contentiousness midweek. Mercury in Pisces will heighten your intuition and desire to delve into the past. An exotic locale will ignite passion on Friday, but love needs a more grounded approach this weekend.

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The Truth About Having the Last Word

March 8, 2015 at 12:00 am

What Does Having the Last Word Actually Get You?

Do you feel like you need to have the last word in a conversation, fight or during a breakup? Have you noticed that when you are on the phone with a company representative, they always get the last word? The last word could be something small, like “goodbye,” or something huge like the end of an all-out war over Twitter or Facebook. At this point in my life, I have gracefully waved the right to have the last word. I’ve decided to let whoever is talking to me about whatever they’re talking about have the last word instead.

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The Need to be in Control

When you insist on having the last word, it means that you like feeling in control of a situation. You’ve probably experienced this kind of control at the hands of a loved one, boss, coworker or friend. Or perhaps, you are the controlling one. Regardless, it’s kind of like stomping your foot to show that it’s your way or no way at all.

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Two Easy Steps to Block Negativity and Get Happy

March 7, 2015 at 12:00 am

Is Negativity Ruining Your Happiness?

We’ve all heard that being happy is a decision. While that is true, sometimes the ability to make the decision to be happy is blocked by the negative “hits” we often take from outside forces. Many of my callers ask me how to get unstuck from and push back against negativity. In my years of teaching meditation and working as a professional psychic, I have found that the old standbys of envisioning light and breathing techniques don’t always make for practical application and don’t always work for everyone. Have you tried these techniques before? If they you have, and they haven’t worked for you, let’s try something else right now! Here are two of my many practical “get happy” methods that I’ve taught over the last 30 years:

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Wear the Vest

I came up with this method while at the dentist! I was sitting in the chair, waiting to get x-rays, and they covered my chest with a heavy vest to protect me. It got me thinking about negative energy and how it usually hits us in the solar plexus or heart chakra—the precise areas covered by the vest! It gave me a great idea for a visualization technique to block negativity, and I am going to share it with you right now:

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Your Weekend Horoscope: Turn Weakness Into Strength

March 6, 2015 at 12:00 am

Transform Your Weaknesses With Your Weekend Horoscope!

When the Sun joins wounded healer Chiron in sensitive Pisces, your deepest wounds are easily triggered. The good news is that a stabilizing influence from potent Pluto provides the power to transform your weakness into strength. If you have what it takes to face your fears head on, this can be a time of incredible healing! Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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You may discover something about yourself that is rather shocking. It’s not that this development is something new, but the awareness of the issue may be new to you. This could be a key piece of the puzzle that helps you to understand and to heal a personal mystery.

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Do You Need More Than Love to Make You Happy?

March 5, 2015 at 12:00 am

Do Happiness and Love Go Hand in Hand?

Love is a powerful emotion; it can be both inspiring and it can also drive us mad. Still, most of us want to feel love, even with its exciting unpredictability and lack of a guarantee, but is it enough? Do you need more than love to make you happy?

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Can Happiness Live or Last on Love Alone?

Falling in love may be enough to start a relationship, but it’s not all we need to make us happy in a relationship and it’s certainly not enough to sustain it. You can be happy because of love, but you can’t be in love when you’re not happy—not if you expect it to last. So what do you need to make you happy? Is it respect, trust, compatibility or maybe commitment? Could you be truly happy if your relationship didn’t have any of those qualities?

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