The Perfect Partner: Would You Create a Franken-Mate?

October 13, 2015 at 12:00 am

The Fantasy of the Perfect Partner

Think about all your past lovers. What did you love about them and what did you hate about them? Did the one with the perfect smile always forget your birthday? Did the one with the amazing sex drive never get along with your mother? Or did the well-read one never want to go out on the weekends? If you’re with someone now, what would you love to change about them? If you could, would you take the best qualities of each of your lovers and use them to build the perfect lover? Would you create a Franken-Mate? Cue the lightning.

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A Romantic Abomination

Before you say “Yes,” consider this: The idea of the perfect lover is flawed. Even if you could build your ideal creature, as Dr. Frankenstein attempted to do, you’d create a romantic abomination. That’s because people aren’t meant to be perfect. They aren’t meant to look perfect and they aren’t meant to be the perfect partners in relationships. It’s a fantasy, and expecting someone to live up to the expectations of a fantasy is unfair. How would you feel if someone expected you to be perfect all the time? You couldn’t be.

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Your LOVECAST®: Unusual Interactions

October 12, 2015 at 12:00 am

Your Love Horoscope

The New Moon in Libra on Monday launches a new cycle of relationship opportunities during the next two weeks, but an opposition from Uranus may set the stage for an unusual interaction sometime this week. Also, Venus opposing Neptune on Friday can evoke mixed messages or elusive behavior, so seek clarity. This weekend, optimism will energize relationships on Saturday, while earthiness will be the theme for love on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

The New Moon in your partnership zone favors focusing on activities that deepen and uplift your relationship. The harmoniousness of this influence can also help you resolve relationship issues. If you’re solo, you’ll be drawn to people who reflect your relationship ideals. This weekend, you’ll be craving adventure on Saturday, while your sense of purpose can inspire love on Sunday.

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What to Wear: Halloween Costumes by Sun Sign

October 11, 2015 at 12:00 am

The Astrology of Halloween Costumes

On the Eve of Halloween
In the year 2015,
Dreamy Neptune and the Scorpio Sun
Form a trine to make Halloween magically fun.
The Moon will be in fun-loving Cancer,
So look no further for your answer.
With each of these orbs in a water sign,

A fluid time you will find.
Mysterious, mischievous, flirty and wild,

Adults should love this Halloween more than a child.
The Sun and Moon can be reflective,

So make your costume a bit introspective.
Reach into your inner desire, show your alter-ego, and light the night on fire!

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Now let’s have some fun and find your most fanciful and fantastic Halloween costume based on your Sun Sign:


Ignite a spark and embrace your sign’s fire with a devilish costume that attracts admirers. But if you’re shy and not into braggin’, how about a fire-breathing dragon?

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Numerology: The Mystery and Magic of 10/10

October 10, 2015 at 12:00 am

The Numerology of Today’s Date

Discovering the magic and mystery surrounding numbers and numerology is like learning a new language that also expands your consciousness. Numerology provides awareness, like decoding a dream or lifting a veil. In this article we will explore the meanings behind the number 1010 and 10/10 as a date.

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Double Digits in Numerology

Generally in numerology, answers arrive in the form of a single digit, with the occasional exception of master numbers (11, 22 and 33). The single digits 1-9 (nothing adds up to zero) have meaning of their own, but the numbers that drive us to that single digit have meaning too.

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Your Weekend Horoscope: Long-Term Stability

October 9, 2015 at 12:00 am

Your Weekend Horoscope

Retrograde Mercury, which has been causing delays, communication confusion, and minor mishaps since September 17, goes direct on October 9. Slowly but surely, forward motion will return to your day-to-day affairs. A steadying effect from Saturn could bring a slow start, but it also offers long-term stability with Mercury-ruled matters such as communication and commerce. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Mercury moving forward in your relationship zone means that you can stop spinning your wheels and finally get unstuck from a partnership problem that has been repeating itself in recent weeks. Establishing some new ground rules will help to move things forward and then you can put this issue to rest.

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6 Ways to Tell if You’re a Work Zombie

October 8, 2015 at 12:00 am

Are You a 9 – 5 Zombie?

Have you ever sat at your desk and wondered if you’re more zombie than human? You may not have an insatiable desire for brains and you may technically be a living, breathing human, but if you have a job, you’re actually more of a zombie than you think. And there’s no better time to contemplate your zombielike existence than in October, when all monsters are more inclined to make their presence known. Here are six ways to tell if you’re a work zombie.

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You Have an Insatiable and Endless Desire for Coffee

If you wake up every morning craving coffee because it tastes good, energizes you, and you really can’t live without it, you’re a zombie. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to make your own coffee, drink the office sludge or step out for Starbucks runs, you’re still a zombie because you need coffee like a zombie needs brains.

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Are You Dating a Vampire?

October 7, 2015 at 12:00 am

Is a Relationship Vampire Sucking the Life Out of You?

There may be gremlins and energy vampires hiding in your electrical devices—but these are never as devastating as the ones hiding in your relationships. And while these types of vampires may not drain your body of its life-giving fluids, their goal is nevertheless the same: To feed off of your good nature for their own benefit, no matter who (most likely you) gets hurt in the process. They will suck your time, energy and happiness. But unlike the film versions which can be discovered using a mirror and garlic, a relationship vampire may not be as easy to recognize. In fact, these are the five telltale signs that one may have already latched onto you.

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Your Fight More Than You Love

There are a lot of reasons why couples fight, but when your relationship can be described as a drama more than a love story, there is likely some manipulation at play. Relationship vampires create a wave of turmoil every time they want something, and then release you from their tyranny as soon as they get it. Rather than garlic, your best protective charm is to see these people for who they are—children. And how would you deal with a child who is engaged in a temper tantrum? You would tell them calmly and firmly to settle down. And if they refused? You would remove yourself from the situation and wait until they are ready to talk like a grownup. Don’t give into a relationship vampire’s tantrums. If you do, you will only be encouraging them to do it more often.

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The Benefits of a Telephone Psychic Reading

October 6, 2015 at 12:00 am

Why a Psychic Reading Over the Phone is Better

I began working with California Psychics more than 12 years ago. When I began, the only psychic readings I had done over the telephone were for radio call-in shows or the occasional television program. Almost from the beginning I had noticed how clear and focused those readings had been, but frankly, hadn’t thought much else about it. I had not taken the time to dissect why those readings were so much clearer and accurate than all the ones I had done in person for so many years previously.

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Pure Psychic Energy

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that a psychic reading over the telephone is pure psychic energy. There are no subtle or micro-expressional cues or clues as to what the seeker is feeling or wanting. A psychic reading done over the telephone has a completely clear foundation and nothing but true psychic energy comes through. An ethereal flow is activated between the two parties and all that can be read or registered comes from that dimension … and nothing else.

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