Aries Bad Boys

April 11, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Fierce, fiery and formidable — these men set hearts aflutter. Let’s take a look at three Aries bad boys and see what makes them tick.

Alec Baldwin (April 3, 1958)
30 Rock star Alec Baldwin has been turning heads since the 1980s when he was known for breaking hearts with his baby blues. Now 52, this still-sexy Aries has proven that he can make us laugh as much as he makes us swoon. With his Sun in dynamic Aries, Baldwin’s devilish charm is evident in all he does – from hosting the Oscars to courting Meryl Streep in last year’s hit It’s Complicated. No doubt Baldwin can thank his Libra Moon (and Jupiter, also in the sign of the scales) for some of his charisma. Add to this his Mars and Venus in independent Aquarius (making him an eccentric bad boy in love – and sex – as well) and Neptune in dark, mysterious Scorpio, and his allure becomes clear. Baldwin is the saucy, sexy, go after what he wants guy with a darker, deeper side lurking just beneath the surface.

Robert Downey Jr. (April 4, 1965)
With Mercury, Sun and Venus in fiery Aries, Robert Downey Jr. was born to achieve great things by pushing himself as far as he could go. Of course he also pushed the limits of his body, with a reputation for excess that at one time preceded him! Why so wild? All that Ram energy combined with his attention-loving Leo Rising and indulgent Taurus Moon easily explain his once world-renowned penchant for partying. Likewise, the healthy helping of Virgo he has (with Mars, Uranus and Pluto all passing through the sign of the Virgin at the time of his birth), offers instant insight into the grounding he’s long since found. These days, settled down and sobered up, Downey implores his sharp, pointed wit and impressive physique (products of all that Aries influence), to tackle his starring turn in Iron Man, which has become his signature role.

Russell Crowe (April 7, 1964)
Known as much for throwing telephones as he is for Oscar-winning performances, Ram Russell Crowe has got the bad boy part down. With his Mars, Sun and Jupiter in physically focused Aries, he takes naturally to transformation (which explains how he can play anything from a gladiator to a paunchy, washed up executive). Trouble is, he’s reported to transform from incredibly talented actor to angry and antagonistic as soon as the camera is cut. With his Moon in imaginative, idealistic Aquarius and Mercury in simple-speaking Taurus, it’s possible that Crowe is actually quite rational and compassionate, but too stubborn to explain himself or his actions. Venus in Gemini, on the other hand, suggests that there are simply two sides to the story – and to this Aries bad boy.

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  3. Resilience Master January 17, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    An Aries Birthday of April 4 is convincingly powerful by doubling up on arriving into the world on the 4th day of the Fourth Month —- a date when a famous and righteous Leader for Freedom and Prosperity released His Soul: Dr. Martin Luther King. The Dream lives on with Aries born April 4th !

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